Academic Leadership & Faculty

Professor of Engineering, Mark Coté, is serving as Interim Provost for the Spring 2020 semester.

Susan Loomis is Professor of Humanities & Communication and Dean of Faculty.

Professors at Maine Maritime Academy work with students in classrooms, laboratories, and aboard ships. Our full-time faculty of more than 60 men and women stress the connections between theory and real-world applications. Faculty come from diverse academic backgrounds, and from industrial positions in engineering, ship operations, marine science, maritime management, and small vessel design and operation. Faculty members serve as academic advisors and also participate in research, consulting, and other academic pursuits. Part-time faculty include visiting professors from industry and from domestic and foreign universities.

Faculty by Academic Departments – Spring 2020

* – Denotes Department Chair
(s) –  Denotes Sabbatical

Loeb-Sullivan School of International Business & Logistics

Boucher, Elizabeth
Jain, Navneet 
Langford, Kirk*
Schatz, George
Scheuchzer, Alaina
Shaughnessy, Mark
Sorich, David


Cruz, Frank
Davis, Michael
Flanagan, Michael
Gray, Ian
Kearns, CAPT Sean*
Pierce, Glenn
Siepert, Kate
Smith, Michael

Physical Ed. Courses:

Biggie, Therese
Schroder, Tim

Dean’s Office

Coté, Mark
Leeman, Cindra

Registrar/STCW Office

Gutow, Amy*
Nason-Moulton, Laura

Faculty Office

Dyer, Nicole