Annual Training Cruise: Training Ship State of Maine

NOTICE | 2021 Summer Sea Term Planning

The 2021 Summer Sea Term is fully underway with ongoing training aboard the State of Maine (TSSOM) and commercial cadet shipping billets. For updates regarding TSSOM’s Cruise-A and Cruise-B, please visit the Cruise 2021 Information & Blog website.

Summer Training Cruises are required for students enrolled in majors that have an Unlimited USCG License associated: Marine Engineering Operations, Marine Engineering Technology, Marine Systems Engineering (5-year), and Marine Transportation Operations. These Training Cruises provide the opportunity for the student to experience shipboard life, and to focus on hands-on training. Training cruises are designed as 4-credit courses with corresponding academic projects, called sea-projects, and successful completion of all three are required for graduation.

First year students (4/C Midshipmen) will complete a Summer Training Cruise on the training ship.  This experience will teach them the basics of life at sea, introductory seamanship, operation of ship’s machinery, and shipboard safety regulations & procedures.  This training cruise is designed to give the students basic experience in both deck and engineering areas.

Second year students (3/C Midshipmen) will complete Cadet Shipping.  This is similar to a co-op or internship at other colleges.

Third year students (2/C Midshipmen) will complete a second training cruise on the training ship, taking an active role in the daily operation of the training ship and supervising 4/C Midshipmen.

Candidates for the USCG 3rd Assistant Engineer Unlimited Horsepower license or the USCG 3rd Mate Unlimited Tonnage license are required to complete one year’s worth of sea-time.  Sea-time requirements are met through the Training Cruises, Cadet Shipping, Regimental Requirements, and special labs.

Port information:

2021 – Castine, ME; Port Canaveral, FL; New York, NY; Castine, ME

Recent Training Cruise itineraries include:
2020 – Castine, ME; Searsport, ME; Castine, ME
2019 – New York, NY; Vigo, Spain; Barcelona, Spain; Southampton, England; Tallinn, Estonia; Oslo, Norway; Searsport, ME
2018 – Cadiz, Spain; Rotterdam, Netherlands; Lisbon, Portugal; Civitavecchia, Italy; Alicante, Spain; Boston, MA
2017 – Charleston, SC; Tenerife, Spain; Halifax, Nova Scotia; Portland, ME; Edinburgh, Scotland; Cobh, Ireland; New York, NY
2016 – Charleston, SC; Tampa, FL; Galveston, TX; Portsmouth, NH; Cobh, Ireland; Antwerp, Belgium; New York, NY
2015 – Charleston, SC; Cadiz, Spain; Portland, ME; Cobh, Ireland; Norfolk, VA; Searsport, ME
2014 – Trieste, Italy; Reykjavik, Iceland; Kiel, Germany; Portsmouth, NH
2013 – Tampa, FL; San Juan, PR; Quebec City, Canada; Baltimore, MD
2012 – Galveston, TX; Curacao; Bermuda; Charleston, SC
2011 – Norfolk, VA; Valletta, Malta; Civitavecchia, Italy; Cobh, Ireland