Arts & Sciences
The Department of Arts and Sciences offers courses required of all students and elective courses in various academic disciplines, including mathematics, computer science, astronomy, physics, political science, psychology, literature, geography, and more.

The Department of Engineering offers five B.S. degrees in Engineering, Engineering Technology, and Engineering Operations, including options for pursuing a U.S. Coast Guard License as well as other licensing opportunities in both maritime and shoreside professions.

International Business & Logistics
The  Loeb-Sullivan School of International Business & Logistics consists of an undergraduate department and the Department of Graduate Studies. The unique IBL undergraduate program blends international business education with contemporary logistics management skills. Graduate studies include an asynchronous online M.S. degree program in International Logistics Management and a hybrid online and on-campus M.S. degree program in Maritime Management.

Marine Transportation
The Thompson School of Marine Transportation offers B.S. degrees in Marine Transportation Operations and Vessel Operations & Technology as well as these Associate’s degrees: Small Vessel Operations, Small Craft Design, and Small Craft Systems. Studies include practical and theoretical topics of vessel operation and navigation.

Ocean Studies
The Corning School of Ocean Studies offers B.S. degrees in Marine Biology and Marine Science, with the option to pursue a dual degree: an Associate of Science degree in Small Vessel Operations.