Regimental students on deck

Regiment of Midshipmen

Leadership, honor, integrity, discipline, comradery: if these ideals appeal to you, the Regiment of Midshipmen could be for you. Throughout your time at MMA, participation in the Regiment will allow you to grow as a person through an intensive, structured program. From the first time you step on campus as a Midshipman Under Guidance (MUG), to leading a squad, platoon, company or entire Regiment, leadership is at the forefront of your experience.

Mandatory for certain majors (see below), the Regiment is not for everyone. However, for those willing to accept the mental and physical challenges that MMA and the Regiment present, a rewarding and fulfilling life can await you.

Majors requiring enrollment in the Maine Maritime Academy Regiment of Midshipmen include:

All other undergraduate degree students may enroll in the Regimental Training Program at the commencement of their first year.

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