Class Officers

General class officer duties include:

• Hold regular meetings with elected Class Officers.
• Keep the SGA President informed of class activities.
• Attend open SGA meetings (At least one officer must attend.)
• Plan and execute at least 2 large-scale fundraisers.  (One each during sophomore and junior years.)
• Select a rep to attend scheduled meetings of the Presidents Council.
• Plan and execute Ring Dance to be held during junior year.
• Maintain respective class records, publication of minutes and meetings, and preparation of any necessary documents.
• Manage class budget and keep all relative records and accounts.
• Assume any additional responsibilities or projects assigned by the SGA President.
• Up hold the Student Government Association Constitution and By-Laws

Class of 2019

President: Jack Weeks
Vice President: Julia Dillon
Secretary: Alexandra Allen
Treasurer: Sierra James

Class of 2020

President: Cory O’Connell
Vice President: Graham Williams
Secretary: David Ramage
Treasurer: Michael Carnevale

Class of 2021

President: Hayden Sattler
Vice President: Thomas Scott Hart II
Secretary: Orion Sargent
Treasurer: Korey Deboth

 Class of 2022

President: Nicholas Sobkow
Vice President: Kristian Kibler
Secretary: Griffin Desmarteau
Treasurer: Daniel Henesy

Running for a Vacant position:

Elections shall be held annually, or as needed and determined by the Student Government Association.  All elections and dates must be and approved by the SGA and Class Advisors.