Campus Activities Board (CAB)

The Campus Activities Board (CAB) is the primary campus-wide programming body at Maine Maritime Academy. CAB representatives strive to provide diverse, high-quality entertainment at a low cost to the college community, while also serving both as a resource and a co-programmer for other organizations. Engaging in CAB events and activities can assist students in gaining an enhanced, well-rounded college experience. Students who serve on CAB gain substantial event planning and business experience, and may even attend a regional or national conference!

Interested in joining CAB?  Please contact Jessica Shively at or 207-326-2117 for more information. The Campus Activities Board (CAB) meets weekly to plan upcoming events. These meetings are always open and we encourage you to stop by; if you would like to attend virtually, please contact Jessica Shively. CAB meetings for Fall 2021 will be in Curtis Hall 134, every Thursday from 2pm-3pm.

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Fall 2021 Campus Activities Board Officers

Phoebe Churney – Event Advertising and Social Media Officer

Esteban Garcia – Gaming Coordinator 

Olivia Harriman – Event Advertising and Social Media Officer

Isaac Jurson – Campus Activities Officer

Bailey Seet – Creative Arts and Gaming Coordinator 

Kyle Smit – Athletics Specialist


Meet Your CAB Crew

“I’m a junior in the Marine Biology Small Vessel Operations five-year program with minors in Oceanography and Physical Science. I also love scuba diving and I am a TA here at MMA, so you’ll often see me in the pool on the weekends!”

– Phoebe






“I’m a Junior Vessel Operation and Technology Major and spent my summer wrestling 20 pound salmon and I really enjoyed it. I’m on the Cross Country and Lacrosse team and an avid supporter of Dunkin Donuts Iced Coffee.”

– Olivia




“I am a freshman in the IBL Program. I’m from Houlton, Maine, and I enjoy driving, listening to music, and playing games with my friends.”

– Isaac






“I’m in my second year of Marine Systems Engineering 4-yr track. I often spend my downtime gaming, and doing personal art projects. My favorite fruit is Lychee and a fun fact about me is that I have a YouTube channel for fun.”

– Bailey








“I am from Seattle WA and I miss my dogs from back home the most. I am also apart of MMA’s swim team and I work extremely hard in school as a Junior in the Marine Bio/SVO program.”

– Kyle