Student Procedures for Uniform Purchase

Standard uniform packages have been established based on progression through the Regimental program. All uniforms and uniform items issued need to be maintained by the student for the entire time in the Regiment of Midshipmen. The items listed are the minimum uniform requirements and students should expect to replace items as they become worn and unserviceable.

4/C Students

  1. 4/C uniform issue: Fall student bills will include a direct cost for the 4/C uniforms that will cover the cost of their appropriate uniform package. Students will pay a $500.00 deposit directly to the Bookstore for their 4/C uniforms NLT 1 July.
  2. First year students (4/C) will have the following deadlines/refund dates associated with their uniform purchases should they leave the Regiment:
    1. Upon reporting to RPT – first uniform issuance. Once the 4/C sea bag has been picked up by the student, no refunds for this portion of the 4/C uniform issuance will be allowed.
    2. By 1 October – Regimental Induction uniform issuance is complete. No refunds will be authorized at this point with the Business Office. Uniform items that require altering to fit a student or were personalized will be ineligible for a refund.
    3. If a student leaves the Regiment prior to the completion of RPT, a refund for the Regimental Induction Uniform (second 4/C uniform issue) may be authorized by the Commandant’s Department with consultation with the Bookstore and the Business Office.
    4. If a student leaves the Regiment after completion of RPT but before the Regimental Induction Ceremony, unused/unaltered uniform items of the second 4/C uniform issue may be returned to the Bookstore for store credit at the discretion of the store manager.

3/C Students

Effective May 2021, 3/C uniform fees will no longer be directly billed by Maine Maritime Academy. The 3/C uniform fees are now designated and referred to as an indirect cost. 3/C uniforms will be purchased directly from the Bookstore. Any “Indirect Cost” on the financial aid offer letter is eligible for borrowing at the student’s discretion.

  1. 3/C uniform purchase: The 3/C uniform purchase will be an indirect cost for the student. Students will pay a $500.00 deposit directly to the Bookstore NLT 1 July and the remaining balance paid in full NLT 1 October. No uniform item will be released by the Bookstore until it has been paid for in full.
  2. Upon reporting for the fall semester, students will pick up their uniform items from the Bookstore and the student will sign a receipt for their uniforms and other required items.

All Regimental Students

  1. All Regimental Students must maintain their uniforms and should expect to replace uniforms and uniform items as they become worn or unserviceable. If uniform items are deemed unserviceable by the Commandant’s staff, replacement of uniform items will be required at their own expense at the Bookstore.

Communication of Uniform Fee and Cost procedure changes

  1. Uniform Fee and Cost procedure changes will be communicated to the students via MMA email, shared on MMA social media, and posted on the Regimental Website for new and returning students.
  2. During the Spring semester 4/C Midshipmen will be reminded via email and during Regimental Musters about their upcoming 3/C uniform cost obligations and deadlines.

Points of contact for questions:

  • Bookstore:  Kathy MacArthur, 326-9333
  • Finance Department:  Diane Harmon, 326-2243
  • Regiment:  CDR Christian, 326-2299