Clubs & Organizations

The following list reflects the clubsactivities, and organizations that are, or have been, available to all students on our campus. Please contact the Club President for more information!

For questions regarding individual groups or offices, please contact: 

Club NamePrimary Contact
Alpha Phi Omega (APO):Haley Eckert
Arts & Cultural Exploration (ACE) Club:
Campus Activities Board (CAB):Janice Folk
Chess Club:Graham Pingree
College Republicans:Thomas White
Coast Guard Auxiliary:
Drama Club:
Friends of the Knights of Columbus:Erin Donlon
Ham Radio Club:
Ice Hockey Club:Peter Wilcox
International Student Ambassadors (ISA):
Knitting Club:Hannah Page
Lawn Games Club:Molly Marcotte
Mentoring Club:
Ocean Studies Student Association (OSSA):
Outdoor Adventure Club:Foster Blake
Paintball Club:Derrick Tisdale
Pep Band:
Power Crew:Charlie Schiess
Propeller Club:Derek Roberts
Rugby Club:John Parrinello
Schooner Crew:Susannah Winder
SCUBA Club:Joseph Torchia
Snowboard and Ski Club:Tyler Downing
Society of Naval Architects & Marine Engineers (SNAME):Chris Gilman
Society of Subsea Engineers (SSE):Kevin Pepin
Society of Women Engineers (SWE):Molly Marcotte
Student Athletic Advisory Committee (SAAC):Cynthia Schultz
Student Business & Logistics Association (SBLA):Jordan Dehlinger
Students for Environmental Activism (SEA):Megan Perkins
Student Government Association (SGA):Edison Ma
Student Mariner Society (SMS):Keenan Eaton
Students Living in Christ Everyday (SLICE):Guy Keenum
Swim Club:Elisha Reed
Table Tennis:Tommy Samson
Tabletop Gaming Club:
Ultimate Frisbee Club:Jason Magee
Women on the Water:Katelyn Hart
Woodsmen:Corey McCoy
Yacht Club:Julianna Diehl

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