Counseling Services

Counseling Services’ mission is to enhance and promote the quality of life of Maine Maritime Academy students and aid in their retention. These services are facilitated through the provision of professional and timely treatment and referral for emotional, interpersonal, and substance abuse-related difficulties that may occur during their educational tenure at MMA.

Counseling services offer students a range of services which include individual counseling, substance abuse education/ counseling, crisis intervention, and community referrals when appropriate. Consultation to faculty, staff, and students is also available.

Some of the reasons students typically come in for counseling include:

  • Relationship difficulty
  • Loneliness
  • Depression/anxiety
  • Eating/sleeping problems
  • Feeling stressed and/or overwhelmed
  • Concerns about the use of alcohol or drugs
  • Anger management issues
  • Time management issues

Services are completely confidential and provided at no cost to our students.

Office Information

Location: The Counseling Services office is located on the first floor of Curtis Hall and most easily accessed through Door B from the courtyard. Counseling services are currently being offered in-person and remotely. There is a private room available where students may choose to do their remote counseling.  You may access this room by asking a desk attendant at the front desk of Curtis Hall for the key to the prayer room or private counseling room.


Tonya Murray, LCPC
Director of Counseling Services

Paul Ferreira, MSW, LCSW

Hours of operation: 

Tonya Murray:
Monday 8-4
Tuesday 11-7
Wednesday 8-4
Thursday 8-4
Friday 8-4

Click Here to Book a Counseling Session with Tonya

Paul Ferreira:
Tuesday 8-4
Wednesday 11-7
Thursday 8-12


If you need immediate attention and it is outside of regular business hours:  Contact Campus Safety (207-326-2479) or the Residential Life Staff member on duty to request a meeting.  They will make contact with a counselor and help arrange a meeting.

To make an appointment: Please call 207-326-2644 or email Tonya Murray or to set up an appointment. You can also book directly, click here to book a Counseling Session with Tonya.

You may email or the Dean of Students, to request to meet with counselor who identifies as BIPOC.