Accessibility Services

Information for Students and Prospective Students Seeking Accommodation for a Disability

Accessibility Services assists students in securing need-based accommodations consistent with their disabilities. In accord with all federal and state regulations, Maine Maritime Academy is committed to providing students with the support and access needed to achieve one’s academic potential. Common accommodations for qualified students include, but are not limited to, extra time on tests, use of MMA’s testing center, copies of student notes, assistive technology, and alternative-format textbooks. Our office also coordinates dietary accommodations for students with Maine Maritime Academy’s Sodexo Dining Services. Accessibility Services also coordinates academic support services for all students, such as peer- and faculty-led tutoring and writing help.

Requesting Accommodations

A brochure, Requesting and Using Accommodations for Disability in College, outlines the Academy’s request procedure and answers some frequently asked questions.

Students may request accommodations for disabilities at any time. They then must meet with the Accessibility Services director, complete an Accommodation Request Form, and document their disabilities. Items such as a recent 504 plan, individualized education program, summary of performance, neuropsychological report, or letter from a medical professional usually provide adequate documentation.  Once Accessibility Services approves a request, the student receives an accommodation letter. Students renew their letters each semester.

Students with special dietary needs should complete a Dietary Accommodation Request Form and read the general information on the front of the form. Maine Maritime Academy’s Sodexo Dining Services routinely assists with many dietary needs, such as gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, and nut-free diets, such that a formal dietary accommodation plan may not be necessary.

A student enrolled in an online course or program may be entitled to accommodations for a disability. Please refer to the Academy’s Accommodation Policy for eligibility. The policy applies to all Maine Maritime Academy students, both on campus and online. The Accessibility Services director will waive the in-person meeting for students taking online courses or programs and for whom travel would be difficult. In these cases, the student will need to meet electronically (telephone, email, or video conference) in addition to submitting all required documentation.

Using Accommodations in College

All Maine Maritime Academy students must meet the same academic standards. Accommodations make reasonable adjustments to the instructional process, but they cannot alter the essential content of a college course or program. Students notify their instructors of approved accommodations. Though an instructor must provide an accommodation once asked, accommodations do not apply retroactively. Visit this link for more information on using accommodations successfully.