Student Early Assistance (SEA) Team


The Student Early Assistance Team (SEA Team) provides a system of confidential support and guidance for students.  The SEA Team will identify / recognize students who may need assistance and offer resources and options for students to find support before more significant problems arise.


  • support student success with a holistic approach
  • develop strategies to assist students of concern
  • promote the health and safety of students and the campus community
  • provide a structure for a systematic response to students’ behavior that may be disruptive in the classroom or other areas of the campus

Team Members include representatives from:

  • Academics
  • Student Affairs
  • Residential Life
  • Athletics
  • Medical Services
  • Counseling Services
  • Regimental Staff
  • Campus Safety
  • Accessibility Services


The SEA Team meets weekly during the semester and can be convened by any member of the team at any time to respond to concerning situations.

Referrals can be made via a Student of Concern Report (linked above and on the MMA Counseling page, On-line Faculty Handbook, Portal and Res Life pages), via email to the Counselor or, or verbally to any member of the SEA Team.


Professional ethics as well as FERPA guidelines dictate that referrals to the SEA Team are confidential. Faculty/staff members and other referring parties often have an understandable desire to know whether any progress is being made in assisting the referred student. The SEA Team will use discretion and adhere to confidentiality guidelines when reporting back to referring parties.

The SEA Team will be trained annually on FERPA Guidelines.

SEA Team utilizes the NaBITA Threat Assessment Tool. More information can be found at

Deidra A. Davis
Dean of Student Services, SEA Team Chair