Regimental New Student

Welcome aboard Midshipmen Under Guidance (MUGS)!

We will provide you with a lot of information over the next several weeks so check back here often.

Dates for you to consider in your planning:

  • August 9 | RPT Training Staff reports
  • August 15 | All incoming Regimental Students report (between 0800 and 1100)
  • August 25 | Ship Jump
  • August 26 | Convocation
  • August 27 | First Day of Classes
  • October 12 | Reg Induction Ceremony
  • October 12 – 14 | Indigenous Peoples’ Day Weekend

Packing List: Packing List 2019

MUG Checklist: 

  • Register for, and monitor, your MMA email everyday.
  • Complete and submit your physical examination.
  • Complete uniform fitting through the MMA bookstore before July 10. Please note that a $500 uniform deposit is due to the Bookstore at this time.
  • Get in shape! The more you do now, the less it will hurt later.
  • Break in any new shoes.
  • Organize and pack the items you are permitted to bring. See: Packing List 2019
  • Be sure your computer is in good working order and current on all operating system updates.
  • Inform friends and family that they will not hear from you nor will they be able to contact you during RPT.

If you have a specific question, please call the Regimental Office: 207-326-2250.