The IT department is located in the caverns of Leavitt Hall.

Helpdesk assistance in Leavitt Hall is available by appointment only.  Please submit a Helpdesk ticket or call the Helpdesk at (207) 326-2240 to schedule an appointment.  Many issues can be resolved remotely, so submitting a ticket or calling is the best way to get help.  When calling, if your call goes to voicemail, please leave a message and someone will return your call as soon as possible.  Staff are frequently on another call or helping someone who has an appointment, but that voicemail is monitored and calls will be returned.  Please remember to leave your name and phone number when leaving a message.

Helpdesk assistance for students is available in Curtis Hall, in the Curtis Hall study lounge located in the rear of the building by the mud lot door and the vending machines.  No appointment is necessary in Curtis Hall.  This area is open from 8 am to 6 pm Monday – Friday.  A remote station is manned during those times with professional staff via Zoom.  In addition, student workers as well as professional staff are available in that space periodically during the day.

Please review our:
Maine Maritime Academy Computing Guidelines

IT Helpdesk
326-2240 |
User Support
Matthew Hebert
User Support Technician
326-2758 –
Dallas Towle
User Support Specialist
326-4716 -
Will Martell
User Support Manager
326-2167 -
Nathaniel Zmek
User Support Technician
326-2792 -
Application Support
Jake Adams
Systems Support Specialist
326-2740 -
Wendy Haslam
Systems Integration Specialist
326-2247 -
Dynnise Littlefield
Application Systems Manager
326-2490 -
Heidi Pugliese
Systems Integration Specialist
326-2761 -
Network Support
Tom Lamontanaro
Network Security Engineer
326-2514 -
Norm Yates
Network Manager
326-2111 -
Simulation Support
Chris Brinn
Simulation Specialist
326-2336 -
John (Skip) Fendl
Simulation Technician
326-2330 -
Website / Mobile App
Bryan Wolf
Emerging Technologies Coordinator / Webmaster
326-2737 -
Lisa Roy
Associate Vice President / Chief Technology Officer
326-4715 -