Welcome to the Maine Maritime Academy Regiment of Midshipmen Change of Command Ceremony!

This annual ceremony runs deep in custom and tradition, serving as both the symbolic and physical transfer of authority and responsibilities from the graduating First Class Midshipmen to the Second Class Midshipmen who will lead the Regiment from this point forward.

The transfer of leadership from one commander to their successor is conducted in a simple exchange where the new leader states their readiness to take charge, the incumbent announces they are prepared to relinquish command, and they exchange salutes and report the completion of the change of leadership to the Commandant.

Traditionally, the Change of Command Ceremony takes place before the entire Regiment. The 2021 Regimental Change of Command, in an effort to keep the entire MMA community safe, only the incoming and outgoing student leaders will attend in-person. The event will be livestreamed on our website and social media channels, and we invite the full Regiment of Midshipmen and the greater Maine Maritime Academy community to join us as we mark this important milestone.

  • RC (Regimental Commander): The senior ranking Midshipman who commands the Regiment.
  • ROO (Regimental Operations Officer): Third in command of the Regiment, responsible for all operational evolutions assigned to the Regiment, and executes the function of Regimental training officer.
  • Company Officers (Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta): Is the ranking Midshipman who exercises the command function in the assigned company.  Is responsible for all aspects of the smooth and proper functioning of the company, and for the welfare of all company Midshipmen.
  • Regimental Executive Officer (RXO): Second in command of the Regiment with primary responsibility for its conduct, discipline, and military smartness.  Chief Regimental staff officer.
  • Cadet Master: The Cadet Master is the ranking Midshipman aboard the Training Ship.
  • Cadet Chief Engineers: Ranking Midshipman Engineering Officer aboard the Training Ship.
  • Regimental Adjutant: Reports to the Regimental Commander and Regimental Programs Officer. Responsible for the overall administrative management of the regiment.
  • Regimental Master at Arms: Oversight of, and responsible for, mustering of Uniform Company, and scheduled Extra Duty (XD) Weekends.
  • Regimental Auditor: Responsible for the overseeing of all aspects of Regimental compliance with standards and Midshipman requirements.
  • Regimental Public Affairs Officer: Responsible for promoting a positive public image of the Regiment to the Academy and external community.
  • Regimental Morale Officer: Primary responsibility is to maintain the overall morale of the Regiment of Midshipmen by planning and organizing events and activities to enhance their morale.
  • Regimental Senior Stryker: Provides leadership in the form of guidance and oversight over the Midshipman Training Officers attached to each Company.
  • Cadet Chief Mate: The Cadet Chief Mate is the second highest-ranking Midshipman aboard the Training Ship in the Deck Department.
  • Cadet Relief Engineers: Second-ranking Midshipman Engineering Officer aboard the Training Ship.
  • Drill Company Commander: Is the ranking Midshipman and exercises the command function in the Drill Team.  Is responsible for all aspects of the smooth and proper function of the Drill Team.
  • Regimental Band Master: Is the ranking Midshipman and exercises the command function in the Regimental Band.  Is responsible for all aspects of the smooth and proper functioning of the Regimental Band.

View Current Midshipman Leadership

  • Supported 481 Regimental students across 10 academic majors including 131 prospective 2021 graduates
  • Welcomed 140 students to Castine in August for RPT
  • Conducted first RPT utilizing Boat Crew training format with 140 MUGs organized into 16 boat crews
  • 45 Strykers developed the MUGs through combined virtual and in-person training
  • Trained 133 students on basic damage control principles in our new DC Trainer
  • Welcomed 125 4/Cs into the Regiment during a pandemic modified and live-streamed Regimental Induction Ceremony
  • Maintained accountability of 481 Regimental students through innovative muster and remote check-in following two transitions to remote learning
  • Trained 357 TSSOM watchstanders and scheduled 9,306 hours of watch
  • Prepared 129 4/C students for the 2020 Summer Training Cruise and renewed preparations for 2021
  • Conducted 5,291 individual Room and Personnel Inspections
  • Trained and coordinated the annual Ship Jump for 133 Regimental and 47 Independent students in a pandemic safe environment
  • The 2021 Wedge and Ship Rates will continue to lead the way as 242 Regimental students will sail on the first of two summer training cruises in 2021