Health Insurance

Maine Maritime Academy requires all students to have medical insurance. Insurance through the school is available and mandatory if you are not covered by another plan. Visit the “Health Insurance Information” link in the Helpful Links / Resources area of the Students section in MyMMA. Information needs to be filled out before matriculation.

All students are encouraged to carry the basic health insurance plan offered by the Academy, through Cross Insurance. All matriculating students will be enrolled in the Student Accident and Sickness Insurance Plan unless a waiver is completed on the Academy MyMMA Portal by August 1 each year.

Enrollment in MMA’s student medical insurance plan is continued throughout matriculation unless notice of a change is provided by making the change to your insurance information on the campus portal. The student and/or his/her family is responsible to keep MMA informed of any changes throughout enrollment.

The cost of MMA’s student medical insurance plan is negotiated each year. Billing is done each year by MMA. A brochure outlining the benefits and costs or can be found here.