Working for Residential Life

Resident Assistant (RA): The Resident Assistant position is one of the most responsible student leadership positions on campus. Charged with the roles of mentor, peer, friend and disciplinary, an RA must be a Jack-of-All-Trades. RAs are highly qualified students who have a passion for higher education and student involvement on campus.

Desk Assistant (DA): Desk Assistants have the responsibilities of maintaining and overseeing the Curtis Hall front desk. Desk Assistants are present to ensure the main entrance and communications center for Res Life and Curtis Hall is staffed nearly 24 hours a day.

Undergraduate Assistant: The Undergraduate Assistant to the Director of Residential Life is the primary undergraduate office assistant for the Department of Residential Life. The duties of the Undergraduate Assistant are numerous and include bulletin board maintenance, clerical tasks, developing and distributing flyers, filing and updating records, running programming and numerous other tasks delegated by the Director of Residential Life.

Work Study/Student Workers: Work Study and Student Worker employees qualify for paid student jobs with the Department of Residential Life through their federal financial aid or regular wages provided by the department. These students will assist the staff of Res Life in many different aspects of their job including, but not limited to, running on campus errands, covering the front desk,  filing and other clerical duties.