Frequently Asked Questions About the Regimental Program

Why is there a Regiment of Midshipmen?

The Code of Federal Regulations governing maritime academy training requires students who are pursuing an unlimited U.S. Coast Guard license to complete a structured learning experience. Majors requiring enrollment in the Regiment of Midshipmen are:

All other undergraduate degree students are welcome to enroll in the Regimental Training Program at the commencement of their first year, but it is not required.

Is there a military obligation after graduation?

No, there is no military obligation after graduation. Students interested in military service should refer to the NROTC program.

Why do we need uniforms?

Uniforms are required by mandate of the United States government.

Why are demerits issued?

Demerits teach accountability and standards. Demerits are assigned as necessary to reinforce regimental standards and to provide the midshipman and his/her chain of command with an indication that he/she is not meeting standards.

Am I required to go to sea?

As an unlimited license major (Marine Engineering Operations, Marine Engineering Technology, Marine Systems Engineering (5-year), Marine Transportation Operations), you will complete a 35-day (for engineers) summer training program or a 70-day (for deck students) summer training program at sea after your 4/C year on the training ship, as well as a 70-day summer training program at sea (for both engineering and deck students) after your 2/C year. You will also be required to ship with various companies after your 3/C year (referred to as ‘Cadet Shipping’). Please refer to sea-time requirements for your particular major. Marine Systems Engineering (4-year) students complete one 35-day cruise only.

Are there physical training requirements that are part of the program?

Life aboard ship is taxing both physically and mentally. The Regiment incorporates physical training into Midshipman life to improve cognitive ability and to ensure compliance with current federal regulations for ship’s crew.