Working for Student Activities

Orientation Leaders (OLs): Orientation leaders are current “student ambassadors” to the incoming class. OLs work and are trained for the various New Student Orientations sessions held throughout the month of June. OLs are responsible for assisting the new students in their transition to college life through various activities such as ice breakers, team building exercises and the use of their knowledge and experience as students.

Bilge Employees: Bilge employees are hired to clean and organize the student recreation room known as The Bilge. The Bilge offers various activities such as pool, ping pong, TV, video games and board games. It is the responsibility of Bilge employees to maintain a safe and clean environment for students.

Work Study/Student Workers: Work Study and Student Worker employees qualify for paid student jobs with the Department of Student Activities through their federal financial aid or regular wages provided by the department. These students will assist the Student Activities Department in many different aspects of their job including, but not limited to, running on campus errands, facilitating events, marketing, filing and other clerical duties.

If you have any questions about working in Student Activities, please contact the Student Activities Coordinator, Matt Brancaccio at