Off-Campus Living

Every year that a student lives off-campus, an Off Campus Housing Application must be filed online through My Student Life.

Students who meet one of the below criteria may reside off-campus:

  • 21 years of age by August 31st to live off campus during the Fall semester
  • 21 years of age by December 31st to live off campus during the Spring semester
  • Systems major in the program’s fifth year
  • Graduate Student
  • 6 or more semesters of on campus living (not necessarily at MMA)
  • *Non-Traditional student (24 years of age, married, or veteran with at least 2 years of military service and an honorable discharge)
  • Living at home with their immediate family (mother, father, permanent guardian) and their PRIMARY residence meets the following conditions.
    • The student’s home must be within 45 miles, via traveled road (Bangor, Belfast, Ellsworth reference points) from the MMA Campus. MapQuest will be used as the official measurement for the 45 mile maximum distance.
    • When granted for students who are Freshmen, Sophomore or Juniors, this authorization is only in effect as long as the student is living at home (with their immediate family or guardian).
    • No change of status as stated above can be made without prior approval of the Housing Appeals Board or the Dean of Students.
    • Regimental students are expected to meet with their Company Officer to discuss their requirements and to comply with all Regimental requirements such as attending morning formations (colors) or other meetings as deemed appropriate.

*Regimental First Year Students must live on campus unless they meet the Regimental Non-Traditional Requirements. Living off-campus does not exempt a Midshipman from any regimental duties or requirements. It is the responsibility of off-campus Midshipmen to keep themselves informed of any information promulgated within the regimental system such as the Plan of the Day. All training ship residency requirements for ship familiarization and cruise preparations must be satisfied. Off-campus Midshipmen who are on the watch bill, including those Midshipmen assigned as stand-bys, are in a duty status and will remain at their residence when not on watch or attending class. Otherwise they must keep the MCDO informed of their location in the event their recall is required. Off-campus Midshipmen are required to have a working telephone and their telephone number and address on file with the Commandant’s Office.

If you do not meet any of the above criteria, but feel you have a significant reason to reside off-campus, you may appeal to the Residential Housing Appeals Board, which meets once a semester.  For information regarding the Housing Appeals Board, please contact Deidra Davis, Dean of Students.

Please Note:  Students who complete an on-campus housing application and sign and complete a Residential and Housing Contract in the Housing Gateway, and later decide to move off-campus, must notify Residential Life by the appropriate deadline in order to avoid any administrative fees.  Deadlines for cancelling housing assignments are outlined in the Housing Contract that was signed and agreed to in the housing gateway during housing selection.  For more information on housing assignment cancellation, please email

Off-Campus Living Resources

  • Maine’s FREE rental listing service from the Maine State Housing Authority
  • Pine Tree Legal Assistance: Self-help tools
  • My Student Life Gateway: Online gateway where students submit a housing application, student of concern report, and register guests.
    • Meal Plan Options: Off-Campus students can purchase full semester meal plans or our new Meal Block options under “Meal Plans” at the My Student Life Gateway.