Schooner Crew

Purpose / Mission

Schooner Crew is the student crew of Schooner Bowdoin. We are committed to the maintenance, training, and operation of the historic Schooner Bowdoin. We work to preserve the Bowdoin’s history by keeping the Bowdoin in good condition for sailing, and we strive to educate the community during the day-sails in the fall on the Bowdoin’s extensive history. As Schooner Crew also incorporates the Training Club, we are dedicated to the hands-on training of students and the community in the ways of traditional sailing vessel technology and operations. We host day-sails, weekend trips, and off-season meetings for the purpose of educating and training the members of Schooner Crew. We are active throughout the year, even when Schooner Bowdoin is not sailing, as there are plenty of maintenance and training projects to be done. This club is an integral part of the Sail Training program at MMA, and it is our goal to provide a great experience for the students and the community.

Executive Board

President: Connor Daugherty
Vice President: Sally Jarmusz
Secretary: Hila Shooter
Treasurer: Sally Jarmusz


Connor Daugherty