Schooner Crew


Our club is the student crew of the Arctic Schooner Bowdoin and the Schooner Puritan. We are committed to the maintenance, crew training and operation of both vessels, and work to preserve and share their history through school-wide and community day sails and events. WE aim to take full advantage of the opportunities these schooners present in the education of traditional sailors. During the fall sailing season we conduct two-hour day sails Monday through Thursday, and host weekend sailing trips open to the MMA community. IN the winter and spring we hold twice-weekly meetings for the purpose of education, training and ship maintenance in order to ready Bowdoin for her summer sailing season. In our dedication to the hands-on training of students in traditional sailing vessel technology and operations, we strive to expose our members to the great tall ship industry. This includes sending our members to experience rigging and sailing on other traditional vessels, and our annual attendance of Tall Ships America conference.

Instagram: @articschoonerbowdoin