Maine Maritime Curling Club

Purpose / Mission

The Maine Maritime Academy Curling Club will be dedicated to introducing students to the lifelong sport of curling and teaching them how to play at a competitive level. Curling, similar to the Italian game Bocce Ball, originates from Scotland and is played on a sheet of ice where the goal is to slide stones to go within a target area of four concentric circles. Relatively easy to learn and inexpensive to play, curling is an accessible sport that is played by numerous colleges across the country. The Maine Maritime Academy Curling Club hopes to become involved int eh college curling circle by playing against other schools at the Belfast Curling Club as well as playing in weekend competitions, called Bonspiels, in Belfast and eventually other towns/states. The season would run from November 12 to mid-March, with practice session occurring every Sunday afternoon at the Belfast Curing Club where instruction, equipment and ice time is provided. This club has the potential of providing representation of MMA within college curling circles while providing students with the opportunity to make connections and become engaged in a sport that will last them well beyond their time at MMA.

Executive Board

Captain (Skip): Sally Jarmusz
Vice Captain: Open
Secretary: Open
Treasurer: Open


Sally Jarmusz