Family and Friends

In an effort to protect the health and safety of our community, we are limiting the number of family members or friends who may join the student on campus for New Student Orientation to two (2) guests.

Families or guests will have a morning session with staff and faculty to help answer your questions and then enjoy lunch and meet other families and tour campus and explore Castine.

We will be sharing additional information more detailed information soon.

We will be announcing opportunities for families to join live zoom sessions and open chats over the course of the summer.

All incoming students, regardless of major, are required to submit proof of immunizations as well as completing the medical evaluation and physical examination forms. The forms can be accessed as form fill documents on your student’s Admissions portal, their MyMMA portal, or they can be accessed here. These forms should be submitted by JUNE 1. If you have not been able to do this yet, please have your student call Health Services (207-326-2295) and give them an update on when they will be able to provide this.

Students are requested to send a certified copy of their birth certificate as well as a photocopy of their Social Security card to Admissions prior to their arrival in August. Students majoring in a license program are required to obtain a Transportation Worker Identification Credential—TWIC. Students who visit campus after depositing can schedule an appointment to apply for their TWIC at MMA or they can apply during New Student Orientation (NSO). Likewise, students in a license program will need to have a valid passport. We encourage your student to have a passport prior to arriving in August. For information about obtaining or renewing a United States passport, click here. Students from other countries should refer to their appropriate government website or channels.

The Regiment of Midshipmen is a uniformed student body that fosters self-confidence, teamwork, self-discipline, honor, and integrity in young men and women. Participation in the Regiment is a federal requirement for students seeking an unlimited license in marine engineering or marine transportation but is open to all students. Students joining the Regiment must participate in a ten-day Regimental Preparatory Training (RPT). This challenging program prepares students for life as Midshipmen. After completing RPT, students begin Midshipmen Under Guidance (MUG) Month for ongoing training and preparation before induction into the full Regiment of Midshipmen. Before students are inducted into the full Regiment of Midshipmen they are referred to as MUGs.

For more information about the Regiment, click here.

To order their uniform, students must complete a Uniform Measurement Form and submit it to the Bookstore. Forms can be found on the Regimental New Student page. NOTE: There is a $500 uniform deposit due when uniforms are fitted.

No – the Regiment is not a military program nor is it connected to any branch of the military. Students do not have any requirement to serve during their time at MMA or upon graduation. Students in the Regiment are required to wear uniforms and are split between four companies (Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta), so on the outside, it looks like the military, but it is not.

All students who are under the age of 21 must live on campus. If your permanent address is 45 miles or less from campus and your student is under the age of 21, they can live at home and commute to campus.

What if I buy a house or apartment in Castine or within the 45 miles – can my student live there?
No – unless you plan on making that address your permanent home as well, your student cannot live in the property unless they are 21 or older. If you have questions or concerns, please contact the Office of Residential Life at 207-326-2280.

NOTE: The Regiment of Midshipmen has additional policies regarding living off campus. Questions and concerns should be directed to the Commandant’s Office at 207-326-2250.

Your student’s bill is due (or arrangements made) by August 1.

The Academy has an agreement with Nelnet Payment Plan Company which offers a monthly payment plan. Nelnet Payment Plan offers a 10-month plan with equal payments due July 1 – April 1. This plan can be used to cover all MMA costs or to supplement final costs after financial aid. Nelnet Payment Plan also offers a 10-month plan in coordination with loans for those who want to lower their monthly payments. Information about the payment plan will be provided in the new student orientation packet for entering first-year students, or contact the Finance Office at 207-326-2236 for details. The Nelnet Payment Plan website is for those who would like to sign up online.

We encourage all parents and family members to join the Parents Association, or at least follow their Facebook page! You can ask questions, get advice, receive important information concerning your student throughout the year, and get involved in the many events on and off-campus through the Parents Association. This community is specifically for you and can be informative as well as supportive – they were first-time MMA parents once, just like you!

Maine Maritime Academy will have several different arrival dates and times for students depending on their major and whether they are participating in RPT (Regimental Preparatory Training) or fall athletics. We will update report dates on the New Student Orientation website and via email. If you or your student have any questions, please contact the Department of Residential Life.

Student’s First and Last Names
1 Pleasant St.
Castine, ME  04420

NOTE: Students do not have a specific mailbox, just the information above is necessary.

No – visits with MUGS are not permitted until the Regimental Induction Ceremony in October. The only exceptions are away athletic contests, emergency medical appointments/care, and serious family events (major illnesses, injury, death). If you decide to attend Ship Jump and/or Homecoming, please be aware that if you do see your student, you may or may not be able to talk to them. We encourage you to attend the Regimental Induction Ceremony, where you can see all that your student has accomplished, watch them be inducted into the full Regiment of Midshipmen, and spend time with them. At the end of the day, your student can head home for a long weekend!