MMA Sponsor Family Application

MMA Sponsor Family Application

The sole purpose of the Sponsor Family Program and this application form/questionnaire is to provide information so that we can best meet the needs of our students and sponsor families.

The program objectives include providing first year students a safe home setting while they are away from home and welcoming them into the Castine Community. Many of the families in Castine offer a wealth of educational, work force, travel, experience and knowledge that our young men and women can benefit from.

Sponsors must be at least 28 years old and live within 50 miles of Maine Maritime Academy in order to be considered (exceptions will be considered on a case by case basis). Maine Maritime Academy’s policy on background screening now requires all adults who volunteer to mentor, teach, coach or sponsor students, whether on or off Maine Maritime Academy grounds, to provide personal information (name, birth date and social security number) for the purpose of conducting a criminal background check. Generally, the following will prohibit participation in the Sponsor Family Program: an arrest or conviction for a violent crime (including domestic assault or abuse), a crime against a child, or a crime of a sexual nature, will be disqualifying, as will an arrest or conviction for driving under the influence (DUI), driving while intoxicated (DWI) or reckless driving.

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Thank you for completing the survey and for volunteering to sponsor MMA students. We will look to match sponsors and students in the summer and have a gathering in early September. Please reach out to Kelly Gualtieri (326-2245 or if you have any questions or concerns.
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