Vision Statement

The vision of Maine Maritime Academy is to provide the best marine and related education of any small college.

Mission Statement

The mission of Maine Maritime Academy is to provide a quality education focused on marine and related programs. The curriculum will empower students to take on leadership roles, encourage rigorous self-discipline, promote curiosity, and provide graduates with the skills, ethics, and knowledge needed to succeed in the global economy.

Institutional Objectives

Upon completion of a degree, students should, at the appropriate level:

  1. Demonstrate competency in written and spoken English.
  2. Apply the scientific method.
  3. Apply fundamental concepts in mathematics.
  4. Be technologically proficient.
  5. Develop a global perspective of the humanities and social sciences.
  6. Gather, analyze, and interpret information.
  7. Demonstrate competency in their major.
  8. Explore and experience career paths in their program of study.
  9. Demonstrate and inspire ethical behavior.
  10. Develop skills to motivate others to achieve a common goal.
  11. Recognize environmental consequences of individual and professional decisions.

Students attaining these objectives will have the fundamental skills to support continued curiosity and life-long learning.