The following curricula list the required courses of the major programs. To be eligible for graduation, all courses must be either successfully completed at the Academy or completed by transfer from an accredited college, as approved by the Registrar.

Arts and Sciences

Engineering Majors

The Department of Engineering offers six majors leading to a Bachelor of Science degree and two leading to an Associate of Science degree via a satellite program in Bath, Maine, for apprentices of General Dynamics Corporation’s Bath Iron Works Shipyard.

International Business and Logistics Major

Marine Transportation Majors

The William F. Thompson School of Marine Transportation offers five majors. The Marine Transportation Operations major and Vessel Operations and Technology major offer a Bachelor of Science degree. The Small Vessel Operations major offers an Associate of Science degree. The Small Craft Design and Small Craft Systems majors offer an Associate of Science degree, and require students to spend one year at the Castine campus of Maine Maritime Academy and one year in residence at The Landing School of Boat Building and Design in Kennebunkport, Maine.

* A 2 year program is available at the graduate level for qualified applicants intending to pursue the 200 Ton Limited License simultaneously with the M.S. degree in Global Logistics & Maritime Management. Please contact the graduate school for more information.

Maritime Technology Major

*Program is for alumni who can demonstrate eligibility. It is not for matriculating students.

Ocean Studies Majors

The Corning School of Ocean Studies offers six majors that lead to a Bachelor of Science Degree.