Maritime Technology

The Maritime Technology curriculum is designed to recognize achievement in a comprehensive area of study in maritime-related courses without eligibility for a mariner’s credential. The degree is awarded only in exceptional circumstances to alumni, upon successful petition to the Academic Board and approval by the Provost. This major is only available to alumni who can demonstrate they are no longer eligible to sit for the U.S. Coast Guard exam due to expiration of sea-time. This degree is not available to students on matriculation. Alumni interested in obtaining this degree should contact the Provost’s office. Candidates for this degree must complete 120 credits of eligible coursework with a minimum overall GPA of 2.0. The 120 credits must comprise a minimum of 60 credits of recognized core courses, 40 credits in general education courses, and 20 credits of elective courses. Courses specifically related to license preparation are not eligible in fulfilling the 120-credit requirement.

Recognized core courses for the major may come from courses designated BI, EG*, ET*, NA, NS*, NV, OC, and OS.

*NS272, NS293, NS299, NS341, NS345, NS471, NS497, NS498, and NS499 are not eligible for meeting degree requirements.

*EG497, EG498 and ET498, ET499 are also not eligible for meeting degree requirements.

Recognized General Education courses and elective courses eligible for the major may come from courses designated CH, CS, EC, EN, ES, GE, HC, HY, LO, MA, MD, MS, PO, PS and PY.

Courses designated CD, CE, CO, CR, MT and USCG may not be counted toward the degree.