Student Affairs Policies

Confidentiality of Student Records

Upon written request, students, former students, and graduates are authorized access to records of their attendance, performance, and scholastic achievement. This policy is in keeping with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 as amended. The regulations are available to interested persons upon request to the Registrar and, as an official part of Academy rules and regulations, are disseminated to all students in the Student Handbook. Any individual whose rights have been infringed upon may appeal to the President of the Academy or directly to the Secretary of Education, Washington, D.C.


Transcripts of student records may be obtained from the Registrar at a cost. Persons with outstanding financial obligations will not be provided copies of Academy records until such obligations are met.

Release of Information

Unless specifically requested in writing not to do so, the Academy reserves the right to publish directory information as defined by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 as amended. Such information, relating to students and student activities at Maine Maritime, includes a student’s name, address, date and place of birth, participation in athletics or other student activities, class schedule, degrees, awards, and other similar information.


Vacations are usually scheduled around Thanksgiving, Christmas, early March, and during the summer. Midshipmen receiving federal incentive payments should be aware that federal regulations specify limits on medical leave, leaves of absence, and vacations in order to continue to receive such payment. Current regulations are available at the Academy. Our residence hall and dining facilities close over academic year breaks.


Upon entering MMA, all regimental students are required to purchase uniforms (normally at the bookstore) to be worn only as authorized by the Commandant of Midshipmen. Uniforms and equipment become the property of the student and may not be returned to the Academy. Non-regimental students are not subject to a uniform requirement.

Personal Property

The Academy cannot assume responsibility for loss or damage to personal property through fire, theft, or other causes. Persons desiring such protection should purchase an appropriate insurance policy.


Due to the nature of the campus, and the limited parking available, all students, staff, and faculty are encouraged to walk to and from class and other activities. Upper-class students or those living off-campus may bring automobiles to the Academy for use only when traveling to and from the campus. All vehicles parked on Academy property must be registered at the Campus Safety Office in Windlass House and have a parking permit. There is a charge for Sophomore and Junior/Senior parking permits (on campus students only). These permits are limited in number. If a student with this type of permit is unable to find a space in the designated lot, he/she must contact the Campus Safety Office, for permission to park elsewhere. Commuter permits (students only) are free and are not limited in number. Alternative on-campus parking is not available for students with valid commuter permits who are unable to find a parking space. In order to be registered on campus, all vehicles must be insured for third person liability. First year students should not bring automobiles to campus. Should a vehicle be a necessity, limited remote (off-campus) parking is available free of charge. A student must request permission from the Dean of Students or the Deputy Commandant. If permission is granted, the student will be directed to Campus Safety to receive a permit for this lot.