In 1997 Maine Maritime Academy created a Wall of Honor to recognize alumni who, through their achievements in professional and civic life, have brought honor to themselves and the Academy. This Wall was established not only to recognize and honor those alumni for their achievements, but also to allow their accomplishments to serve as inspiration to students and alumni, current and future, to strive for excellence.

Selection Criteria

Each nominee must:

  • Be a graduate of Maine Maritime Academy , and
  • Own, serve as president, CEO, or Chair of the Board of Directors of a company; or
  • Have been elected to the office of  governor, U.S. House of Representatives or Senator; or
  • Have achieved the rank of flag officer in a branch of the military.

In addition, the following will be considered by the committee in making their final selections:

  • Education beyond MMA
  • Professional honors and awards
  • Community Service
  • Voluntary Service to MMA

Individuals may be nominated by other alumni, friends or family by completing a Maine Maritime Academy “Wall of Honor” nomination form.

Nomination Form

Wall of Honor Recipients

The following Maine Maritime Academy alumni have risen to high levels of leadership within their chosen fields. By force of effort and ability, they have attained distinguished positions of responsibility. Their accomplishments have served society and brought credit to the Academy. We are proud to acknowledge their achievements and hope that our current students will emulate their dedication and triumphs.