Frederick J. Atkins ’67 picture

Frederick J. Atkins ’67

Owner | J. Dion Yacht Yard, Inc.


  • B.S., Maine Maritime Academy, 1967 (E)
  • Harvard Business School – Marine Marketing

Career Highlights:

  • 1st Engineer, American Trader, American Trading and Production (carried jet fuel from Persian Gulf to Vietnam), 1967-1971
  • Engineer Control Systems Designer, Stone & Webster Engineering Corporation (designed automatic control systems for power plants), 1971-1973
  • Chief Design Engineer, Edson Corporation, 1974-1979
  • Owner, F.J. Dion Yacht Yard, Inc., 1980 – present

Distinguished Service:

  • V.P. Executive Board, Salem Partnership –  lobbied congress for funding to build Friendship, a replica of a 178′ square rigged ship out of Salem, MA in 1790
  • Consultant, National Park Service –  Project Manager on the Friendship project
  • Consultant, Salem Maritime National Historic Site
  • Harbor Planning Board, City of Salem