William C. Rocha ’71 picture

William C. Rocha ’71

President | L & R Midland, Inc.


  • B.S., Maine Maritime Academy, 1971 (D)
  • Northwestern University Program for Logistics Management, 1971

Career Highlights:

  • President, L & R Midland, Inc., Houston, TX, (1999 to present)
  • Owner, L & R Chartering, Inc., Houston, TX
  • Senior Broker, C. J. Thibodeaux and Company, Houston, TX
  • Manager Customer Service, Interstate Oil Transport Inc. (now “Maritrans”), Tampa, FL

Distinguished Service:

  • Past President, DELMARVA Water Transport
  • Past President, Sharing Through Faith
  • Past Board Member, Memorial Drive United Methodist Council
  • Member, ATRS Sub Committee
  • Member, Kingston’s National Registry of Who’s Who