Information for Parents

The Center for Student Success at 54 Pleasant Street, aka “The Buoy House” provides academic support to all students. Please encourage your new student to use these FREE center services:

Quiet Individual and Group Study Areas:

  • 24-hour study center in a secure location (student ID card enables after-hours entry), with meeting tables for group work, carrels for evening study in a non-distracting environment, and the Scheel Lounge for relaxing and recharging.

Regularly Scheduled Help, Monday-Thursday:

  • Math and Physics Center
  • Nautical Science and Navigation Lab
  • Writing Center

Visit for hours and other options. Academy faculty and teaching assistants also offer help sessions for various courses in engineering and other subjects.


  • Walk-in help for study skills, organization, and note taking strategies.
  • Accessibility Services Office. Visit to learn about accommodation for learning differences and disabilities.
  • Individual peer tutors are available in many subjects. Contact:
  • Employment for students as peer tutors.

Advice To Share With Your Student

Read this quick guide for help in getting off to a good college start.