Using Accommodations

Note for students with learning disabilities: A person with a learning disability simply learns differently, since the disability has nothing to do with intelligence. Accommodations could be important if you have a learning disability, as they adjust for different learning styles and abilities. Maine Maritime Academy will expect you to perform to the same standards as other students once you have learned new material.

Asking for Accommodation

  • Accessibility Services only shares information or documentation about you with authorized Academy personnel on a need-to-know basis.
  • When you request an accommodation, the Accessibility Services director will meet with you and review your documentation. An approved request results in an accommodation letter.
  • Only you can inform instructors of needing an accommodation or of having a disability.
  • To receive an accommodation, give your instructor a copy of the accommodation letter.
  • You may decide not to use one or more of your accommodations for a particular class, test, or other activity.
  • You will need to return to Accessibility Services each semester to renew your letter.

Strategies for Success

  • Give a copy of the accommodation letter to your instructor early in the semester.
  • Meet with your instructor to discuss how you learn best.
  • If you have an extended time accommodation, remind your instructor (by email or in person) a few days before taking an exam in the testing center.
  • Schedule exams at the testing center by contacting: or 207-326-2511
  • Use your instructors’ office hours for extra help. They are posted on the instructor’s door and at: Search by the instructor’s name and then click “more info”.
  • If an accommodation is not helpful, you may need a different one. See the Accessibility Service director to discuss this.
  • Tutors are usually available to all students in the Math Lab, the Writing Center, the Navigation Lab, the Cad Lab, and at the Center for Student Success. Find tutor schedules and more information at:
  • Private tutoring is available for most courses. Ask at the Accessibility Services office about this free service, or contact the tutoring coordinator (see below)
  • If you need alternative textbooks, please note many digital texts are available (for example, through the MMA Bookstore or with text-to-voice options. Accessibility Services will prepare alternative text from your printed textbook if no commercially available options exist. See our policy on this at

Accessibility Services Office and Personnel

  • Accessibility Services and MMA’s testing center are on the second floor of the Center for Student Success/Buoy House:
    54 Pleasant Street / 207-326-2511 / /
  • Joceline Boucher, PhD., Accessibility Services Director; Center for Student Success/Buoy House – First Floor; 207-326-2489;
  • Lynn Mosher, MMA Tutoring Coordinator and Testing Center Administrator; 207-326-2473;
  • Sally Chadbourne, MMA Testing Center Coordinator 207-326-2511; (fall and spring semesters only)