Apps and E-Resources

Selected Electronic Resources for Study Help

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Some students find recording and taking notes on laptops or other devices quite useful. As a courtesy, ask the instructor’s permission if you plan to do this. Recordings are only for personal use. Instructors hold intellectual rights to lecture materials and you may not post audio or video from class to any outlet (Facebook, email, etc.) without their permission.

Note taking software – available free via MMA ’s Microsoft software agreement

Smart pens

Some students use smart pens to write notes and record lectures. We recommend LiveScribe pens; watch the video at the site below or come try our pens. Even students who are not good note takers like indexing lecture events for later play back.

Smart phones and tablets

Smart phones and tablets are often excellent recording devices and can sync to note taking apps. Here are a few recording apps; many exist – find your own favorite!

Study planner apps (or try your MMA FirstClass email calendar!)

Electronic flashcards