Writing Center

Location: Buoy House/Center for Student Success

Monday through Thursday | 1800-2100

Also by appointment (please contact thomas.batt@mma.edu for help during daytime or weekends).


Kristopher Argiroplois picture

Kristopher Argiropolis (IBL)

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Lydia Lancina (IBL)

Nicole Snow picture

Nicole Snow (MB)

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Jennifer Zdrojowy (MD / SVO)


Consultant Schedule: Spring 2024

6:00 - 9:00 pmLydia

All consultants: all writing help.


  • To help students develop writing-related strategies and processes, such as planning, revising, editing, and proofreading;
  • To engage students actively with their writing projects;
  • To help students interpret assignments and negotiate academic language;
  • To provide a place where writers can talk about their projects without pressure to perform.

Online Resources for Writers:

Writing Center FAQS:

What should I bring?

You don’t need to bring writing if you just want to talk about the assignment or brainstorm. Please bring the assignment sheet, if your instructor gave you one.

Can I get my paper proofread?

We won’t proofread or edit your writing for you, but we will point out patterns of error in your writing, teach you points of grammar or style you’d like to learn, and show you how to avoid errors in the future.

Do I need to make an appointment?

No, but you’re welcome to set up an appointment (email thomas.batt@mma.edu). Otherwise, just  drop in.

What can I get feedback on?

The consultants are trained to provide useful feedback on every stage of the writing process, from brainstorming and organization to sources work, style, editing, grammar and spelling. You can bring in lab reports, business memos, resumes, cover letters, marketing plans, research papers, casualty analyses, portfolio projects, research proposals, technical reports, literature reviews, capstone drafts…any project having to do with writing.

Contact Us: Professor Thomas Batt