Guidelines for Students Receiving Tutoring

Program Description

Maine Maritime Academy provides peer tutors to students needing academic assistance with courses. To qualify for this free service, students must either use Tutor Request Form, contact the Tutoring Office (Buoy House/Center for Student Success, 2nd Floor; 326-2511;, or be referred by their instructor.

Eligibility and Notification

Students may request tutoring for any course, subject to availability. The Tutoring Office staff attempts to fulfill all such requests, but sometimes (especially for advanced courses and electives) may not be able to find a tutor. Fulfillment of a request usually occurs within one work week of the initial request.

The Tutoring Office staff will ask students requesting tutors if they visit professors’ office hours and other academic resources including regularly-scheduled help sessions. Priority in assigning tutors goes to students who use these resources but who need additional help.

All notifications to students and tutors about tutoring assignments are by email.

Maintaining Eligibility

Students remain eligible for peer tutoring by:

  • arriving on time to tutoring appointments
  • working on the subject matter between tutoring appointments
  • preparing for tutoring appointments
  • completing periodic tutor evaluations when requested by the Tutoring Office

Students needing to cancel a tutoring appointment should attempt to do so at least a day ahead.


Maine Maritime Academy will generally provide a student with a maximum of two hours of peer tutoring per week in each subject area tutored, subject to budgetary considerations. For group tutoring, the limit is three hours per week in each subject area, provided the tutor and other students agree to the format.

General Guidelines for Students with Tutors

  • Contact the Tutoring Coordinator and request reassignment to a different tutor if you think the relationship between you and your tutor is not working.
  • Tutors will not do your homework. Your tutor will help you to understand concepts and strategies, but cannot help with any work you will submit to an instructor. Both you and the tutor are subject to the Academy’s policy on academic honesty.
  • Tutoring is not a substitute for attending class, doing homework, or reading the textbook!
  • Prepare for appointments. Your tutor will help you plan the work you need to do between sessions.
  • Although tutors are instructor-recommended, do not expect that your tutor will be knowledgeable about everything taught in your class.