Diesel/Glycerin Emulsion Fuel Project

Title: Diesel/Glycerin Emulsion Fuel Project
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Record Type: Project
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Abstract: This project scope is to evaluate Diesel/Glycerin emulsion fuels in marine vessels. The company Sea Change Group LLC is developing the diesel/glycerin fuels that will be tested in this effort. Maine Maritime Academy (MMA) will test the fuels both in laboratory diesel engine s and in MMA work vessels under at-sea conditions. The project will evaluate the fuel as a drop-in, low emissions, low cost fuel for use in heavy marine engines as found in marine, rail and stationary power application such as pipeline pumping stations. Glycerin is a waste product of the biodiesel industry and has significant fuel content and is very low cost. When emulsified with diesel, testing has shown that significant NOx and particulate matter emissions reductions can be achieved, comparable to the emissions reductions seen using water emulsion fuels. The project will evaluate the Diesel/glycerin emulsion fuels for emissions and vessel performance in the MMA R/V Quickwater, a 41 foot coast Guard fast response vessel, that is specially equipped for high fidelity emissions and performance testing. The vessel has twin Diesel engines allowing side by side comparison testing under at sea conditions. Multiple fuels can be switched over to each engine in real time for each engine while underway, allowing unbiased comparison between two fuels
Contract Numbers:  DTRT13-G-UTC43


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Sponsor Organizations: Research and Innovative Technology Administration

Office of Research, Development, and Technology
1200 New Jersey Avenue, SE
Washington, DC 20590

Preforming Organizations: Marine Engine Testing and Emissions Laboratory

Castine, Maine 04420 USA


Project Status: Active
Funding:  750000.00
Start Date: 20140701
Actual Compilation Date: 20170901
TRT Terms: Diesel engine exhaust gasesFuel emulsionsFuelsPollutantsShipsWaste products
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Subject Areas: Energy; Marine Transportation; Pipelines; Railroads
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Marine Engine Testing and Emissions Laboratory

Castine, Maine 04420 USA

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