METEL operates in approximately 12,000sf of research and development space supporting basic science and engineering projects.  Our Engine and Fuels Testing Laboratory, located in nearby Bucksport, ME, houses fuel processing equipment and high-speed stationary engine test platforms for evaluating fuel chemistry effects on performance and emissions. This laboratory also supports powertrain technology development projects, such as thermoelectrics waste heat recovery research as well as fundamental studies on soot particle morphology and emissions chemistry. Waterfront staff and facilities are a vital asset to our research program. The R/V Quickwater is a highly-instrumented research vessel providing “at sea” performance and emissions testing. The vessel supports alternative fuel projects and continuous emissions monitoring systems engineering.

In 2015, Maine Maritime Academy constructed the American Bureau of Shipping Center for Engineering, Science and Research which supports project research labs. In addition, METEL recently broke ground on the Medium Speed Diesel Engine Laboratory within the Andrew’s Laboratory located on our waterfront. This laboratory will provide the highest quality engine test capabilities for basic research and industrial projects in the areas of heavy fuel testing, lubrication and emissions aftertreatment. Click on the links below to learn more.

Engine and Fuels Laboratory
The 5,000sf laboratory is devoted exclusively to METEL research projects. The laboratory houses both single- and multi-cylinder high-speed engine test platforms equipped with state of the art emissions monitoring equipment and combustion analysis capabilities. The laboratory also houses a wet chemical laboratory, analytical equipment and fuel processing capabilities.
Single Cylinder Engine
R/V Quickwater
R/V Quickwater is a 41ft cutter-class workboat converted to support METEL research activities. The vessel is fully-equipment to conduct "at sea" research projects of alternative fuel and combustion enhancement technologies.
Quickwater with MTI

ABS Center for Engineering, Science and Research

The ABS Center was constructed in 2015 and houses training classrooms and research laboratories. Supported laboratories include the Material Testing Laboratory, Research Projects Laboratory, Renewable Energy Laboratory and the Ocean Energy Laboratory. Spaces are modern and offer unique test equipment to support METEL research programs.
ABS Building