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Director Dr. Richard Kimball (left) touring waterfront facilities with Maine Technology Institute staff and small business leaders

Our Vision

The Marine Engine Testing and Emissions laboratory is dedicated to the advancement of marine and heavy transportation technologies to improve our national transportation systems, increase our global economic competitiveness and promote environmental stewardship.  We are a U.S. Department of Transportation “Tier I” University Transportation Center and play an important role in developing a clean and responsive domestic transportation system.

We work collaboratively with academic, industrial and governmental  partners to identify, research and implement practical solutions to improve energy efficiency and reduce unwanted emissions. We help foster innovation in the industry by providing infrastructure and testing capabilities to evaluate new technologies and reduce the risk profile of new technology adoption. We identify and promote best practices in the movement of goods and people, especially in marine, coastal and inland-waterways.

Our world-class faculty and staff maintain and operate state-of-the-art research and training laboratories and provide research and training experiences to develop the next generation of transportation leaders in the industries we serve.