Development of Advanced Biofuels for Marine Applications

Title: Development of Advanced Biofuels for Marine Applications


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Abstract: The thrust of this project is to develop biofuel/biodiesel conversion processes using crude biomass as feedstock. University of Maine’s (UMaine’s) Forest Bioproducts Research Institute (FBRI) has currently developed a Thermal DeOxygenation (TDO) process and formate assisted pyrolysis process (FasP) for converting crude biomass to biofuel products. The project will focus on upgrading those laboratory processes to produce viable marine biodiesel derivatives which will be testing in Maine Maritime Academy’s (MMA’s) METEL laboratory test diesel engines. The significant challenge in converting biomass into a transportation fuel is the removal of oxygen which can affect both the stability of the fuel in addition to its compatibility with petroleum derived fuels and infrastructure. The University of Maine has developed two transformative chemical pathways to convert biomass into crude oils that are compatible with petroleum transportation fuels (TDO and FasP). These oils are highly stable and have oxygen contents ranging from 1-10 wt%. Yields from these processes are greater than 50% on an energy basis and show promise as a viable method to efficiently convert crude biomass to marine fuels. UMaine/FBRI will develop and optimize the TDO and FasP processes to produce liter quantities of marine grade biofuel which will then be testing in MMA’s single cylinder diesel engine test stand and evaluated for performance and emissions characteristic as compared to conventional diesel fuel.
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Language: English
Sponsor Organizations: Research and Innovative Technology Administration

University Transportation Centers Program
Washington, DC 20590 USA

Preforming Organizations: Marine Engine Testing and Emissions Laboratory

Castine, Maine 04420 USA

Project Status: Active
Funding:  500000.00
Start Date:  20140701
Actual Compilation Date:  20170930
TRT Terms:  Biodiesel fuelsBiomass fuelsCrude oilDiesel fuelsMarine diesel enginesOxygen contentPetroleum fuels
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Subject Areas:  Energy; Marine Transportation; Pipelines; Railroads
Source Agency: Marine Engine Testing and Emissions Laboratory

Castine, Maine 04420 USA

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