Questions and Answers – Student Forum, August 4, 2020

Please contact these offices for more information! Note that email is the preferred mode of communication at this time. Thank you!

If you are able to do this within the 72-hour timeline specified by the Maine quarantine rules, you would not have to quarantine when you arrive but we do need to test all students when they arrive. Our testing and the subsequent quarantine on campus until results are received will satisfy the state guidelines.
If we have cases on campus, we will be working with the state CDC on what steps to take. They would work with us to determine if and when we would need to close. In addition, the governor of Maine might also mandate closings of higher educational institutions if the number of cases in the state or local area rise significantly.
Dining services will be providing box meals to students in quarantine, which students can pick up from the Curtis courtyard.
The test results are returned in about 36 hours. If the family is able to do so, that would be great. However, we hope the student and family have been practicing strict social distancing for two weeks prior to arrival, thus reducing the chance of a positive test.
Right now, that kind of turnaround for testing is not available in the state other than in York. York Hospital is also booking several weeks out for their rapid tests. Thus, parents can be in the state but must quarantine – which means that they can come with their student to campus but cannot come through the check-in process or enter the residence hall. We will have others available to help students move in.
Yes, according to state guidelines currently.
Students coming from ME/NH/VT/NY/NJ/CT who have not traveled outside of these six states in the last two weeks will NOT need to quarantine while awaiting test results.
The entry testing program is covered by tuition and fees.

Yes. Students will be assigned a time slot for move in. Additional details can be found on the Fall 2020 website.

Reporting dates – students will be assigned specific reporting times.
8/19 and 8/20 – new regimental check-in by company.
8/26 – new independent students from non-exempt states.  10:30-11:30 am
8/27 – new independent students from exempt states
8/28 – new independent students from Maine
8/28 – Returning residents from non-exempt states
8/29 and 8/30 –  Returning residents from exempt states
8/29 – Returning commuters from non-exempt states
8/30, 8/31, 9/1 – Returning commuters from ME and exempt states.

That is correct. However, we are hearing that it is very difficult to get test results back within that time line. Results that are older than 72 hours will not be valid.
One person will be able to help you move in during your assigned time. As long as your parent was tested and received the results in the last 72 hours before move-in, they can assist you.
Only one person is able to assist with move-in, because we are trying to limit the number of people overall in the residence halls.
The 72-hour testing window is for all coming from non-exempt states (outside of ME, NH, VT, CT, NY, NJ). ALSO: if you get a test at home but then get on a plane, we cannot allow you to help your child move in. Those who can help their students move in are those who: have been in one of the six states for the last two weeks, getting a negative COVID test within 72 hours of arrival (unless you come by plane), or some combination – i.e., getting a negative test further out than 72 hours but staying in Maine for the time in between. Please feel free to email me at with your specific situation if you have questions.
Even if you get rapid testing as a student – which is a great idea – we still need you to be tested upon arrival. However, you will not have to quarantine while awaiting your testing results as long as you have proof of your negative results.
Yes, that plan or being in the state or any of the exempt states for two weeks prior to check-in will suffice.
Yes, Connecticut is currently listed as one of Maine’s exempt states.
We have several houses on campus where sick students would be isolated.
The Academy is tracking and reporting statistics, including total tests conducted and results, on the MMA COVID-19 dashboard. We will work with the Maine CDC on contact tracing to notify anyone who is classified as a close contact of an individual who has tested positive.

Castine is a beautiful place in the fall with many walks and hikes close to campus. The fitness center will be open by mid-September. Student Activities and Residence Life will be planning in-person and online social and educational activities.
All students can travel within Maine – so consider bringing a friend home with you. There are some restrictions on regimental new students during their Midshipmen Under Guidance period. During Regimental Preparatory Training, new regimental students are restricted to the area right around campus. Students who travel within Maine will not need to be retested due to this travel. However, there will be ongoing surveillance testing for all students.
All guests to the state should follow all guidelines established by the state. If they are tested before visiting with you, or spend 14 days elsewhere in the state, you would not be required to quarantine. However, if they stay with you to quarantine, essentially you are quarantining, too.
Students are asked to provide their own thermometer. There is no need to buy an expensive one as it would only be used by your student. The thermometer app on the phone would need to be regularly tested to make sure it is accurate.
The students will NOT be returning after the Thanksgiving break until it is time to return for the spring semester.
Every section of the residence hall has a vacuum that the RA can loan to students, so students do not need to bring one. Also, the Regimental packing list is available on our website –
There is no meal plan that combines with the Waypoint. The Waypoint is an additional opportunity. You will be able to get take out from the main dining room as well with your meal plan. Students can change their meal plan up until the first Friday of classes. Here is the information about meal plans. Meal plans can be changed at under “Housing Forms” up until 4 pm on that first Friday of the academic year!

Commuters will not be able to visit friends in Curtis but will need to meet them elsewhere on campus or in Castine. Commuters are encouraged to practice the same social distancing practices off-campus as well as on-campus to help protect themselves and others.
Commuters will not be able to visit the residential areas of Curtis or the Commons.
We are working to designate the study lounge in the Library as a commuter lounge – we’ll make sure to cover this in the email we send out at the start of classes!
Unfortunately, no. We will not be able to admit any visitors (including other MMA students who do not live in Curtis/Commons) into residence halls this fall. Access will be limited to residential students only.

Check the Academic Support Services tutoring schedule online for on-demand help for Math/Physics Lab, Navigation Lab, and the Writing Center. Sessions are online only, and are free. Visit Check there too if you need help in other subjects.
The Buoy House staff are following all MMA safety protocols and have moved furniture to allow for safe distancing. Also, tutoring will no longer take place in Buoy House, opening the entire first floor to testing. If you have any questions about accommodations or Buoy House safety please email ( or call (1-207-326-2489).
The testing center at the Buoy House will be open for test taking! As usual, students are asked to schedule exams two working days in advance by emailing ( or calling (1-207-326-2511). We ask that students don’t drop by just for scheduling, to help minimize foot traffic.
The Testing Center hours are still TBA. To ensure proper spacing, Buoy House now also has testing rooms on the first floor.
Please let us know (; 1-207-326-2511) as soon as you know you will have an exam; the 48 hours allows time to obtain and print the exam, and to be sure to have room for you. Most instructors list their exam dates for the semester in the course syllabus. If you have questions about accommodations or scheduling, please email ( or call (1-207-326-2489).
Yes! Students with accommodations can now renew accommodation letters online. If you had a letter in the past, you received an email about the new procedure. Students will receive both paper and e-copies of the letters, to use as appropriate, based on instructor preference. Email ( or call (1-207-326-2489) for more information.

Clubs will be encouraged to meet virtually or in small groups. Some club activities such as travel to conferences or competitions may not be allowed in the fall. We will be holding our Clubs and Organizations Fair virtually. SGA has been meeting virtually over the summer and we are confident you will be able to find creative ways to work as a club under social distancing guidelines.
Yes, there will be hours for gym and equipment use. More information will be available soon.
There is a committee working on student activities for the fall! There are many activities that can still occur outdoors, in small groups, or virtually to help students get to know each other, have fun, and reduce stress.

(excerpted from the Honor Code of Conduct and Responsibilities – COVID Addendum): Students will wear an appropriate face covering in all shared community spaces, including classrooms, lecture halls, hallways in academic and residential buildings, residential and academic common areas, laboratories and libraries, outdoor campus spaces and courtyards; while in transit between classes, on campus pathways; and during meetings or gatherings with other students, staff or faculty.
Cloth Face Masks: As practicable, MMA will comply with Governor Mill’s Executive Order dated April 29, 2020 and again in her order dated July 8, 2020 “An Order Strengthening The Use Of Face Coverings.” Cloth face masks must cover the nose and mouth; fit snugly but comfortably against the side of the face; must be made of whole cloth fabric that acts as an effective filter that both prevents respiratory droplets from traveling into the air and onto other people; allows for breathing without restriction; and is able to be laundered and machine dried without damage or change to its shape. Face masks also include disposable face coverings of similar quality. Face Shields: In accordance with Governor Mill’s order dated July 8th, 2020 face shields may be used in lieu of a facemask.
The Academy is tracking and reporting statistics, including total tests conducted and results, on the MMA COVID-19 dashboard. We will work with the Maine CDC on contact tracing to notify anyone who is classified as a close contact of an individual who has tested positive.
A bandana does not count because it does not fit tightly.
Students must follow the protocols in the Student Honor Code of Conduct and Responsibilities COVID Addendum.
This fall’s academic calendar is 12 weeks long. The goal is to complete the semester with as much face-to-face instruction as possible. When you pledge to do your part in making Fall 2020 a safe and successful semester, we’re all closer to reaching our goals. Take the 12 Ways to 12 Weeks pledge today so we can work together to keep each other safe and healthy this fall.
It does not seem feasible that a vaccine can be developed and sufficiently tested before the second semester, but we would consult with our medical partners once a vaccine is tested and widely available. Usually students are asked to get vaccines from their primary care provider prior to arrival on campus but this would depend upon the timing of the release and production of the vaccine.
MMA will follow state guidelines regarding vaccines. Participation in certain activities such as cruise or cadet shipping might require immunization.

Certain classes that had in-person components were scheduled over the summer, with others occurring just before the fall semester. Other courses will either have make-up sessions scheduled during the fall semester, have their STCW components incorporated into another class, or the student will receive completion credit for the course through completion of a related class. Any student with questions about a specific Incomplete should first contact their instructor, and then their department chair if they are unable to resolve the incomplete with the instructor.
Our training ship TSSOM may be accessed using the same precautions as in place on campus for classes and laboratories. PPE, including face coverings, must be worn at all times while aboard TSSOM and course sizes have been reduced to allow for social distancing.
A positive COVID-19 test would be treated as if the student were impacted by any other illness whether the student exhibits symptoms or not. The difference is that there would be a required period when the student could not be on campus. As with any absence due to illness, each student would be expected to work with their instructors to complete course work, remotely if possible, or after returning to campus.
Watches aboard TSSOM will resume with the commencement of classes in much the same format as before. More information about watches will be forthcoming from the Regimental Wedge.
Fall engine maintenance for sophomores (MT21E) has been cancelled for this fall. The maintenance skills and sea-day equivalents will be incorporated into future cruises, cadet shipping and more senior maintenance sections. MT41E is offered this fall, with reduced section capacity. More information on how MT21E will be accomplished is forthcoming.
Ship jump is currently scheduled for Sunday, September 13th and will be available to all Freshmen students. We will not be able to invite friends and family to observe ship jump this year for health and safety of all participants; however, the event will be livestreamed so that observers can enjoy the tradition in real time.
We expect that there will be classrooms on campus designated as study spaces. Additionally, we are working to designate the study lounge in the Library as a commuter lounge – we’ll make sure to cover this in the email we send out at the start of classes!
In general, and with the exception of some first-year classes, classes that meet face-to-face have components that cannot be done remotely and that cannot be changed. You may review the various course offerings available on the portal system. If you can find sections of your classes that are offered online, that fit with your schedule, and have available space, you may send an email to the Registrar’s office ( to request add/drop adjustments to your schedule.
The Registrar has assigned classrooms according to the number of students in each section so classes are not first-come, first-served.
No, students will not have this held against them and we will work hard to make sure that they are able to work remotely as long as they are able to do the work.
Tuition is based on credit hours. Whether you are earning credits in person or online, you will receive the full academic credit, and tuition remains the same.
Your question about co-ops may be best answered through the IBL department.
Yes, the TWIC Office is part of the Registrar’s Office and we will continue to use an appointment-based system for TWIC card enrollments. More information will be forthcoming.
The Spring 2021 schedule will not be created until October/November. If you see the course in your academic plan for a spring semester, then it will be offered, but it is unknown right now if it will be offered in an out-of-sequence pattern.
The completion of “incompletes” from Spring 2020 are being handled outside of the Fall 2020 master class schedule. Your faculty member should be in contact with you with plans for completing those classes. We expect that all incompletes, other than for Maintenance classes and some Firefighting Live Burns, will be completed by the end of September. If you need any help, feel free to the Registrar’s Office for help finding answers or information you need.

No. The next planned cruise aboard TSSOM will commence in early April.
Yes. We are working on opportunities to cadet-ship over school breaks as well as to participate in a shortened summer cruise that is either followed or preceded by a cadet shipping term. Ultimately, we may not be able to schedule all of your sea days prior to your anticipated graduation date, thus you may need to participate in a cruise or cadet shipping the summer following completion of your classwork.
Part of the charge for the Academic committees planning the spring/summer and cruise schedules is for them to address the Bowdoin cruises. We do anticipate that Bowdoin will be able to conduct several cruises in the summer of 2021 in an effort to meet cruise/academic requirements for students.

Yes. There will be a mix of in-person and online musters. In-person musters will comply with social-distancing and allowable group size requirements. Returning regimental students should expect watch musters to be in person and that their assigned Company will muster one to two times per week in person and online at other times. Muster expectations will be reviewed and potentially modified throughout the semester.
If a MUG tests positive during RPT, they must quarantine and will be unable to complete RPT. They will be able to rejoin academic classes once cleared, but will need to wait until the next RPT to join the Regiment. For returning students, each will have to be considered on a case-by-case basis, but the student will likely rejoin the regimental program after the required quarantine.
At the beginning of the Fall Semester, only a single Company will muster at a designated location; we will not have all 4 Companies gather in the field house as before. Band Company will participate and perform to the degree guidelines allow. Anticipate more single-instrument or small group performances. The Regimental Commander and Band Company Commander are formulating their plan for that.
The ongoing COVID testing availability and process is still being coordinated and the number and frequency of the tests is regularly evaluated in conjunction with our medical advisors and the Maine CDC. Regiment inspection is discussed above and is under continual review. Drug testing will continue as before.
A MUG who for some reason cannot fully participate in RPT cannot satisfy the requirements to be inducted into the regiment and engage in shipboard/regimental activities required by their major. This would include any student who cannot attend because of a positive result. In such cases, a student typically completes the fall semester taking many of the same courses. There are a few differences in limited/unlimited curriculum, but students can return to the regiment though they would be one year out of cycle. We work with each individual to help them achieve their desired degree/license.
CDR Christian sent an email that specifically addressed haircuts. If you have a question you can contact him directly or see haircut specifications under the Supplemental communication to incoming MUGs section of the Regimental New Student page on the website.