Residential Life

What-to-Pack Lists
Checklists for what to pack for the Fall 2020 semester are online! The list of what to pack are different for Independent Students and Regimental Students. Please note that 3 new items have been added this year due to COVID-19: masks/face coverings (we suggest bringing multiple so you have a clean one each day), thermometer, and hand sanitizer. While cleaning products are available, cleaning wipes are also recommended.

A general guideline for packing for the fall: pack lightly! But, do bring a thermometer. And, if you will be participating in Ship Jump or any waterfront activities, please bring a U.S. Coast Guard-approved Type I, II, or III personal flotation device (PFD/lifejacket).

Housing Contract
Due to the changes in the Academic Calendar and the new housing policies necessitated by COVID-19, we are updating the housing contract and will be sending residential students a new contract to review and sign prior to arrival later in August.

COVID-19 Action Plan
MMA has made plans for temporary housing for residential students who must be isolated because of a diagnosis of COVID-19, or quarantined due to identification as a close contact with a patient with COVID-19. However, this housing is limited and therefore reserved for those who are unable to travel home to isolate or quarantine. Therefore, we are asking you to make plans, in advance, for either getting home or an alternate place to stay on a short-term basis if you are required to quarantine or isolate during the twelve-week fall semester.

In addition, if circumstances require that the Academy transition to remote learning prior to the planned end of the semester in November, your COVID-19 Action Plan should include what you will do if you must return home for remote learning, if necessary. We will be sending a form for residential students to complete to describe your plans.

Commuter students should also develop a COVID-19 Action Plan for use if they must quarantine or isolate during the semester, based on their housing accommodations and access to necessary supplies while restricted to home.

Important Mail Room Update
The SGA funded an exciting project this summer to convert our student mailboxes, often underused, to a package delivery center. Rather than use an individually assigned mailbox that is too small for packages, you will receive a message from the Mail Room if you have received a letter or package with instructions regarding which box contains your package, a barcode, and PIN codes to open the box. At the box, you will enter the pick-up barcode or PIN codes via touchscreen and sign for your package. Hand sanitizer and signage reminding users to sanitize their hands before and after using the mailboxes will be available. Please note: the CDC currently recommends the following regarding picking up mail and packages: After collecting mail from a post office or home mailbox, wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or use a hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol.

This new mail option provides you with 24-hour access to your packages and letters. We do need to limit this service to residential students and commuter students who live “on neck” in Castine who do not have access to mail delivery. Commuter students who can get mail at their off campus address should plan to receive their mail and packages at their off campus address.