Regimental Program

The commandant’s staff and midshipmen training officers (strykers) are developing new approaches to Regimental Preparatory Training (RPT), Midshipman Under Guidance (MUG) month, daily musters, and overall regimental operations in order to reduce density of groups and to meet social distancing guidelines, yet still foster the camaraderie and bonding of this unique leadership training program.

Regimental Preparatory Training will officially begin at 1600 on Thursday, August 20. New regimental students will report on either August 19 or 20; specific reporting dates and times will be sent via email by July 24, 2020. For students with travel concerns that may affect a reporting date, please email Anne Kowalski at Students may be accompanied to campus by friends and family; however, only one individual may assist with RPT check-in and moving into Curtis Hall.

To enhance ship familiarization and help prepare students for cruise, all first-year students in the Regiment will be assigned to living quarters on the Training Ship State of Maine (TSSOM) for up to six weeks during the fall semester. Living quarters are similar to those in Curtis Hall; each room will be double-occupancy with no more than four students sharing a bathroom.

Ship Jump will take place on Sunday, September 13, but due to crowd-size limitations, we will be unable to host families in person to observe this time-honored tradition. Ship Jump will be livestreamed, so friends and family can observe students taking the plunge at MMA!

Information on what to expect from RPT and what to pack are here.

All other upper-class members of the Regiment of Midshipmen will report to campus no later than noon on Monday, August 31. A formal check-in process will include COVID-19 testing before students can attend their first class, so please schedule appropriately. Small group musters will be held prior to the start of daily classes. Regimental students are cautioned against missing class, especially at the beginning of the semester, as STCW assessments and practical labs will begin immediately. Residential students will be assigned a check-in time on Saturday, August 29 or Sunday, August 30. This check-in date and time will be sent to each student by August 1. Please contact Janice Folk at before August 1 with preferred date(s) based on travel limitations.