Health and Safety at MMA

Update: Face Covering 11/5/20
Governor Mills has issued a new executive order regarding more extensive use of face coverings in all public places, even when physical distancing can be maintained.  We were already using face coverings throughout campus, but this new directive requires that we keep our face coverings on when out and about in Castine and the rest of Maine in public areas – including sidewalks, businesses, parks, etc.
Read Governor Mill’s Executive Order | 11/4/20

Students, faculty, and staff are doing an excellent job of complying with the 12 Ways to 12 Weeks guidelines. Our successful completion of the fall semester and the academic year depends on every one of us following health and safety guidelines and making safe choices.

Ongoing Testing

As of 11/30/2020, we have conducted 3,198 entry and surveillance tests, with a positivity rate of .007191. The COVID-19 dashboard is updated twice each week or as needed.

The surveillance testing program involves students, faculty, and staff. Higher testing frequency occurs for those in congregate housing and higher contact with others. Selection of students or employees for each test is not random, but rather based on careful selection from within those groups to get the maximum coverage. We are also exploring options for supplementing our PCR testing program with rapid/antigen tests when that technology is available for purchase, as well as participating in a pilot program to conduct pooled testing. Both types of test will supplement and expand, but not replace, the highly accurate PCR testing we currently conduct in partnership with The Jackson Laboratory.

For more information about ongoing/surveillance testing, please contact Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management, Liz True, at or 207-326-2659.

Faculty or staff members who are working on campus some or all of the time will be tested. Faculty or staff members who are working remotely during the fall semester will not need to be tested. For more information, visit the COVID-19 Employee Information section of MyMMA.

Maine Maritime Academy COVID-19 Dashboard
Reporting DateTotal ResultsNegative ResultsPositive CasesActive CasesPositivity RateTotal Known Active Cases*

Notes: Entry testing began on 6/22/2020; the testing method we are using is the polymerase chain reaction, or PCR test, which detects virus RNA (versus antibodies); the above shows cumulative COVID-19 entry testing results; test results are available approximately 48 hours after testing is conducted; this dashboard will be updated as new data becomes available.

Maine Maritime Academy’s COVID-19 dashboard provides information regarding testing performed on campus through MMA Health Services and in collaboration with The Jackson Laboratory and Northern Light Healthcare only. This dashboard does not reflect testing that occurs off-campus, either with an individual’s PCP, by a hospital, or thru a remote testing facility. However, we have added a *Total Known Active Cases count, incorporating additional positive test results reported to MMA that have been confirmed by the Maine CDC. For comprehensive regional data, please visit the Maine CDC’s COVID-19 homepage.

The positivity rate is percentage of total tests that are positive.

For related information, please see COVID-19 updates and messages. Maine COVID-19 data by county.

Contact Tracing
If we have positive cases of COVID-19 on campus, close contacts of the patient will receive notification. Tracing of close contacts will be done through the Maine CDC. Please be aware of your close interactions so that you can be helpful in the event that you test positive and in case your close contacts need to be traced. Interactions with others for more than 15 minutes, within six feet of distance, as well as physical interactions, are considered close contacts. Please consider limiting these interactions and perhaps logging your close contacts each day.

Daily Health Self-Assessment
Students can complete a daily self-assessment to check their basic health stats daily before participating in activities. Students need to have their own thermometer to complete the regular health screenings. Completion of the daily health check is required for entrance to certain facilities such as the health center and athletic center. Faculty and staff are also encouraged to use the app. Temperatures also may be taken as a screening tool at the entrance to certain buildings and activities. Your daily health self-assessment can be completed either on the Maine Maritime Academy Mobile app or MyMMA by clicking their respective icon.

Self-assessment icon examples


  • Quarantine: separation/restriction of movement of an exposed/potentially sick person from others who are not sick
  • Isolation: separation of ill or COVID-positive patients from others who are not sick

Flu Shot
All members of the community will be heartily encouraged to get a flu shot during free clinics offered on campus in the fall. Students will be notified as soon as the clinic dates are scheduled. Flu shots are offered at no charge to all who present proof of insurance.