COVID-19 Nov. 8th update from Dr. Elizabeth True and Prof. Mark Coté

Dear Students,

As a safety precaution due to cases of COVID-19 on campus, all classes will temporarily transition to remote instruction for Monday and Tuesday, November 9-10, 2020 while we await test results of close contacts.

Please follow these guidelines over the next two days:

  • Dining at MMA: as of dinner today, meals will be provided via takeout only through Wednesday, November 11. The Waypoint is closed through Wednesday.
  • Testing at MMA: Health Services is prioritizing testing for close contacts and those who are symptomatic over the next two days.
    • If you are not identified as a close contact but you are symptomatic, please contact Health Services.
    • If you are concerned about exposure and want to be tested but are asymptomatic, please contact one of the testing facilities available in our area or contact your primary care physician.
    • If you are currently scheduled for COVID-19 testing Monday or Tuesday, please keep your scheduled testing date and time.
  • For students living on campus, during these two days, please take these extra precautions:
    • Remain in your room/apartment with only those people who live in that space. No guests.
    • Leave your room/apartment for food and using the restroom only. Of course, if there is a fire alarm, you must evacuate the building, but please maintain six feet of distance with others.
    • If you would like to exercise outside, wear your mask at all times, limit your exercise partner to your roommate or another close contact, and stay separated by at least six feet at all times.
  • Academics: Please direct questions regarding your coursework to your professors; email is the preferred method of communication.

Please direct other questions via email to the following contacts:

Our campus status may change as we continue to monitor this situation over the next few days. Please stay informed by checking your email and following updates as provided. It is now more important than ever that you follow the 12 Ways to 12 Weeks guidelines to keeping yourself and others safe. Thank you for doing your part.

Best regards,

Elizabeth True
VP of Enrollment Management and Student Affairs
Mark Coté
Acting Provost and Academic Dean