9/4/2020 | Message from the President to Students

Dear MMA Students,

If you have not heard yet, you will hear through the grapevine that this week 3 students have been suspended for the 20/21 academic year, 2 students have been suspended for the semester, 3 students have been suspended for a week, 6 students received deferred suspensions, and several other students have received various disciplinary consequences, all for violations related to our health and safety rules.

I cannot stress enough that I am serious about the need to comply with all rules associated with the protection of this community against the threat of the coronavirus.

In my July 31 and August 27 messages to you, I conveyed the principles that we must adhere to if we are going to have a successful on-campus semester and the consequences for failure to comply. If you have not read those messages, I urge you to do so now. If you ignore the principles, policies, and guidelines intended to keep you and your shipmates safe, you are disrespecting the Student Honor Code, which has serious consequences.

Please do not be the cause of shutting down in-person classes at MMA. Respect the Anchor, uphold your pledge to the Honor Code, adhere to your commitment to the 12 Ways to 12 Weeks pledge, and keep the MMA community safe.


Dr. William J. Brennan
Maine Maritime Academy