3/11/20 | Message from the President

Dear MMA Community,

Maine Maritime Academy continues to review guidance provided by state and national health officials regarding COVID-19, the coronavirus. As of today, March 11, there is no case of coronavirus reported in Maine, but we remain vigilant and are planning according to the latest information provided by the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the Maine CDC.

At this time, we are continuing in-person instruction for all courses. We are also planning for the possibility of transitioning to remote instruction.

MMA is relatively isolated from urban centers. Many of the other institutions which have made the decision to transition to remote instruction are about to begin a spring break and have concerns about travel. Our spring break period has already occurred, so we are putting plans in place for the rest of the semester.

While attending to the safety and health of our community, we are also in contact with our partners at MARAD and the U.S. Coast Guard for their guidance. We are working to balance the needs of every student, so they can complete their course requirements in full and on time. For that reason, we are prioritizing in the coming days the experiential and lab instruction that is part of so many of our classes, and will move to online/other acceptable modalities as the situation dictates.

In an abundance of caution, we are implementing several social distancing protocols to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission. In addition to enhancing cleaning protocols and urging the community to adopt the personal hygiene recommendations provided by the CDC, we are also implementing the following:

  • The provost has instructed all faculty to prepare plans by March 30, 2020, for class instruction to transition to online learning.
    Alternatively, faculty may prepare plans to permit students to complete course requirements and earn full semester credit through appropriate means other than physical presence in class. These plans are also due by March 30th.
  • The Provost will review requests for exceptions on a case-by-case basis.
  • Students with pre-existing health conditions may seek assistance or accommodations by contacting Director of Accessibility Services, Joceline Boucher at the accessibility services office.

Until further notice:

  • All non-essential air travel for academy activities is canceled unless an exception is granted by the President. Please note: we do not anticipate exceptions to the cancellation of non-essential travel.
  • Our Athletics staff is consulting regularly with our conference members and other campuses to determine whether we can continue to participate in athletic contests with precautions taken to increase social distancing and hygiene. We will provide updates on the website.
  • MMA faculty, staff and students are strongly discouraged from personal travel to any domestic or international area with known COVID-19 cases or community transmission.
  • We are limiting visits to campus by outside groups and postponing events/gatherings on a case-by-case basis.
  • Faculty, staff and students are encouraged to practice social distancing (allowing 6 feet between individuals) in classrooms, labs, the dining hall and other common areas.

Please direct questions about this update to:

  • Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management, Elizabeth True at Elizabeth.True@mma.edu, 207-326-2620 (for students and parents)
  • Director of Human Resources, Carrie Margrave at Carrie.Margrave@mma.edu, 207-326-2665 (for employees)
  • Provost, Mark Coté, at Mark.Cote@mma.edu, 207-326-2485 (for faculty and academic questions).

After hours, you may contact Campus Safety at 207-326-2479 for emergencies.

We will continue to provide updates via email to our MMA community members and on the academy website.

The welfare of students, faculty, staff, our neighbors and our extended family is of great concern to me. The Academy will be vigilant in working to ensure that all appropriate precautionary measures are taken and I ask for your help. I consider this a serious matter and you should, too. Taking personal responsibility for your health and not putting your friends at risk by your actions is imperative. And, I believe it is also imperative that all faculty, staff, and students consider this pandemic serious enough to warrant your support of our efforts to protect the welfare of this institution and our people. Please keep yourself informed, aware, and safe.


Dr. William J. Brennan