2021 Training Cruise B-2

Cruise-A: Today’s the day!

Posted on: April 16, 2021

Climbing the gangway for an exciting summer at sea!

We are excited to finally move aboard TSSOM today, the first day of Cruise-A. This long-awaited event marks the last step for seniors who marched during last Thursday’s Commencement ceremony.

To ensure the safety of all people aboard the vessel, MMA staff put a double negative COVID-19 test policy and strict quarantine guidelines in place for all participants. Once a student clears that process, documentation is checked, bags are screened, and each individual receives their room assignments.

This year, we’re particularly excited about the ship’s new game room; there are video games, board games, and a new foosball table. There is much to complete on this short cruise, but we’re ready to tackle the challenge!