2024 Training Cruise

Personal Tools and Safety Gear

Personal tools required for shipboard maintenance:

Needed Tools

4-Way Multi-Tip Screwdriver, Channel Locks Model 420, 6 Inch Crescent Wrench

Flashlight & pens

Flashlight: Practical size that fits in your pocket and bright/beamed enough to illuminate bilge recesses. Should be OSHA Approved and Explosion Proof.

Safety Gear:

  1. Safety glasses
  2. Steel-toed boots (composite toe protection acceptable)
  3. Long pants, socks, and shirt appropriate for working conditions (100% Cotton).
  4. Outer Wear appropriate for the season. (you may be assigned to work outside or in non-climate
    controlled spaces) Dress in layers.

All clothing is to be tucked in and buttoned up as applicable. Loose clothing and/or hair presents significant risk in getting caught in doors, exposed mechanisms, and rotating machinery.

Always carry a pocket knife.

Full What to Bring List for Cruise

Safety Notice:

Surge protectors (plastic housing, non-shipboard approved are not permitted)

Shipboard-approved surge protector/power strips will be provided, one for each room.