2021 Training Cruise B-2

Day 2: Preparations Continue

Posted on: April 21, 2021

Yesterday, students had their final COVID test before leaving Castine and we expect results to come back early tomorrow!

In the meantime, the work of getting the ship ready for sea is ongoing. Students have been in their rooms securing for sea as well as working around the ship preparing safety gear, onloading stores, and getting the ship’s three diesel generators up and running. Students and crew have been doing many drills as we prepare for departure including, Fire drills, Abandon Ship drills, and Man Overboard drills. These are essential to ship safety, ensuring that everyone knows where to go in any case of emergency.

We are excited to drop lines tomorrow evening around 5 p.m. and anchor in Penobscot bay. In the coming days, lifeboats and fast rescue boats will be lowered to the water and tested.


Disclaimer: Due to the Training Ship’s limited connectivity to the Internet, blog postings are delayed and are not intended for real-time communication. To communicate with your student, please send messages to his or her issued e-mail address.