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As we prepare to return to campus, we need to all recommit to the 12 Ways to 12 Weeks guidelines. Our successful completion of the academic year depends on every one of us following health and safety guidelines and making safe choices.

Pre-Arrival Testing and Self-quarantining

All students must have a COVID-19 test taken within seven days of arrival on campus for check-in. This test can be either a PCR or rapid test. Students will need to provide documentation of a negative result (which could be an email or screen shot of the test result) at check-in. Please plan ahead to arrange testing that will provide you with results in time for your check-in on campus.

The purpose of pre-arrival testing is to minimize the number of COVID-positive students arriving on campus and then needing to isolate for 10 days and/or potentially infecting others. Should you test positive prior to traveling to campus, we ask that you stay home for your isolation period and notify Cindra Leeman, Executive Assistant to the Academic Dean, at who will assist you with arranging for remote learning until you are cleared to be on campus.

We strongly encourage you to self-quarantine and follow all social distancing guidelines for the two weeks preceding your return to Castine.  You will also be asked to complete the COVID-19 Health Assessment via the MyMMA portal or the MMA app several times during this period.

Spring 2021 Entry Testing

All members of the MMA community—students, staff, and faculty—who will be working and studying on campus during the spring semester will participate in the Spring 2021 COVID-19 entry testing program with results posted to the Spring 2021 COVID-19 dashboard below. Information below is for students and a separate notice will be sent to faculty and staff with details.

Based on the length of the winter break and potential travel during the holidays, we will quarantine all students until entry test results are returned.  Student arrival dates and COVID-19 testing times have been set and are available at You will be tested and then quarantine in your on-campus or off-campus housing until results are received. You will quarantine with your roommate if you have one.  On-campus residents on the meal plan will be able to pick up take-out meals during quarantine and exercise outside. We will use a bracelet system, similar to what we used in the fall, to identify those in quarantine and those who have been cleared.

All testing will occur between 7:30 am and noon and you will be assigned a specific check-in time which will be sent to you in advance through the My Student Life gateway. If you need to change your testing date or time, you can request a change through the gateway. If you must arrive the night before due to air travel, please use this form:

Due to more complicated testing and quarantine procedures, we are unable to allow anyone who is not a current student or employee to enter Curtis Hall or the Commons during the spring semester nor assist with move-in for the spring semester.

The testing plan above meets the Maine Governor’s testing requirements for travelers from out of state.

Inclement weather

We realize that travel and testing could be impacted by winter weather and have make-up plans in place for both completely rescheduling a day of testing or for testing individuals whose travel to campus is delayed. Please monitor your email for any change in plan due to weather.

Students from certain states/traveling by air will have additional testing requirements

Students who are flying back to campus, regardless of where a flight originates, will be assigned an earlier check-in date, likely the Wednesday prior to the start of in-person instruction. You will then quarantine on or off campus; be tested two days after arrival; then, remain in quarantine until test results are received. This delay in testing is required as you might become exposed during your flight, and it is recommended that a delayed test is more accurate for our testing purposes. If you need to arrive later, you can do so, but will still need to wait two days after your flight to be tested, and then quarantine until your test results are returned.

Ongoing Testing

The surveillance testing program involves students, faculty, and staff. Higher testing frequency occurs for those in congregate housing and higher contact with others. Selection of students or employees for each test is not random, but rather based on careful selection from within those groups to get the maximum coverage. Individuals who are fully vaccinated will not be tested as frequently as those who are not vaccinated. Surveillance testing includes both antigen and PCR tests; however, a positive antigen test will be confirmed with a follow-up PCR test prior to inclusion on the dashboard.

For more information about ongoing/surveillance testing, please contact Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management, Dr. Elizabeth True, at or 207-326-2659.

Faculty or staff members who are working on campus some or all of the time will be tested. Faculty or staff members who are working remotely during the spring semester will not need to be tested. For more information, visit the COVID-19 Employee Information section of MyMMA.

Maine Maritime Academy COVID-19 Dashboard
Spring 2021
Reporting DateTotal ResultsNegative ResultsPositive resultsPositivity RateTotal Known Active Cases*


Testing has been ongoing throughout the Spring 2021 semester; the primary testing method that we are using is the polymerase chain reaction, or PCR test, which detects virus RNA (versus antibodies); since March, we have also supplemented the PCR testing with targeted antigen testing as well. The above shows cumulative COVID-19 testing results for this semester. Test results are available approximately 48 hours after testing is conducted; this dashboard will be updated as new data becomes available. The positivity rate is the percentage of total tests that are positive.

Maine Maritime Academy’s COVID-19 dashboard provides information regarding testing performed on campus through MMA Health Services and in collaboration with The Jackson Laboratory and Northern Light Healthcare only.

*Total Known Active Cases count, incorporating additional positive test results reported to MMA that have been confirmed by the Maine CDC. For comprehensive regional data, please visit the Maine CDC’s COVID-19 homepage.

For related information, please see COVID-19 updates and messages. Maine COVID-19 data by county. For Fall 2020 data, please visit the MMA Fall 2020 Dashboard.

Daily Health Self-Assessment

Students should complete a daily self-assessment to check their basic health stats daily before participating in activities. Students need to have their own thermometer to complete the regular health screenings. Completion of the daily health check is required for entrance to certain facilities such as the health center and athletic center. Faculty and staff are also encouraged to use the app. Temperatures also may be taken as a screening tool at the entrance to certain buildings and activities. Your daily health self-assessment can be completed either on the Maine Maritime Academy Mobile app or MyMMA by clicking their respective icon.

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